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Canada & New England in Windstar Style

Long before Columbus, Vikings crossed the Labrador Sea from Greenland to settle in L’Anse Aux Meadows. Centuries later, Portuguese fishermen, Basque whalers, French trappers, and English pilgrims would follow and discover a Promised Land where nature nurtures both body and soul. Here, where the sun first kisses North America, explorer Jacques Cartier found a place where “the scenery is indeed worth seeing and can’t be properly described in words.” The ravishing lighthouse-studded coast still inspires awe. Manna from the sea still delights palates. And small cruise ships like ours still ply these waters with a freedom denied to larger cruise ships.

Reykjavik to Boston - 14 Days

Float past turquoise-tinged ice floes as you experience Greenland’s remote southern fjords and villages prior to visiting the scenic coasts of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and New England during this 14-day cruise along the North Atlantic’s most pristine and picturesque shorelines. Survey towering icebergs and catch glimpses of fin, killer, and pilot whale pods, along with native seabirds like fulmars, great cormorants and black-legged kittiwakes during your Denmark Strait crossing and subsequent cruise past glacier-etched outcroppings throughout Prince Christian Sound. Embark on an iceberg safari beyond Narsaq. Drift close to towering, picture-perfect ice blocks and calving glaciers in Sermilik Fjord. Sample smoky onion soup, duck filets drenched in wild berry sauce and other authentic French cuisine on a St. Pierre and Miquelon foodie walking tour off the coast of Newfoundland. Ride in an open carriage along the storied Carriage Trails in Acadia National Park and experience the American wilderness the same way visitors did a century ago.

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