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Words like moor, loch, and geyser were born in this land, because no existing vocabulary could adequately describe these extraordinary landscapes. These regions could just as easily have coined a term for ambrosial summer evenings at seaside cafés, Fabergé palaces of amber and gold, and storybook cities crisscrossed by canals and flower markets, all of which are here in abundance. But as your elegant ship traces its way through enchanting fjords and forgotten archipelagos, you won’t need words. You are speechless.


Reykjavik to Reykjavik - 7 Days

Dramatic scenery and curious communities coalesce on this week-long circumnavigation of Iceland. Explore a country few people will ever visit, and go far beyond the tourist hotspots to remote fjords, raging waterfalls, and small fishing villages. Get to know the independent and creative Icelanders, and watch whales and seabirds play offshore. This Iceland cruise is yachting at its most inventive.

Dun Laoghaire (Dublin) to Edinburgh - 8 Days

From the pubs of Dublin to the castles of Edinburgh, journey through hills and highlands, idyllic islands, and lyrical landscapes. Here in the land of good Scotch and great golf, astonishing natural beauty meets refined elegance in beautiful ports and quaint marinas. Celebrate Scotland's iconic past and lively present – and toast the spirit of the Emerald Isle.

Edinburgh to London - 11 Days

Close in geography, distinct in culture, the countries of the British Isles offer their own unique takes on the United Kingdom. See it all with the perspective only a Windstar ship can give you as you visit small-ship-only ports like Ullapool, Oban, and Fishguard; berth at small-ship-only locations in Belfast  and London ; and stay in key cities like Belfast and Dublin late into the evening. Explore castle ruins and gardens in Scotland. Check the Giant’s Causeway and Blarney Castle off your list in Ireland. Discover the idyllic Cornish village of St. Ives. Even your disembarkation is an adventure as you dock in London right next to HMS Belfast (Tower Bridge), one of the most exclusive cruise ports in the world.

Reykjavik to Edinburgh - 10 Days

Cruise beneath the Midnight Sun to sparkling Norwegian fjords, steaming Icelandic geysers, ancient Scottish standing stones, and the bucolic Faroe Islands. Hear the echoes of Old Norse tongues, see lands once lauded in ancient Viking sagas, and witness sights that will stir your soul. As a Windstar guest you experience it all from a uniquely thrilling perspective.

Discover and explore the hidden treasures often overlooked along the far-flung edge of Western Europe during this 8-day Atlantic cruise that touches on Portugal, Northern Spain, France, Belgium, the UK’s Channel Islands and the Netherlands. Take a relaxing riverboat cruise along Porto’s storied Douro River waterfront and learn the significance of Port wines during a detailed wine tasting. Explore Spain’s greenest landscapes surrounding El Ferrol, then, meet the skilled artisans of centuries-old Sargardelos, one of the most famous ceramics factories in the world. Hike to breathtaking vistas atop the 229-foot-high headlands of Cap Frehel near St.-Malo. Wander the elegant halls of Elizabeth Castle in the small port of St. Helier in the Channel Islands, or sample the famous fresh lobster and savory and creamy dishes based on cheeses from the famed Jersey cows. Learn the mysteries, controversies and disputes that continue nearly a thousand years after the final strands of the Bayeux Tapestry were woven into place. Admire classical Flemish art at Bruges’ Groeningemuseum and sample tangy Belgium ales at countless small pubs and family breweries. This coastal adventure concludes in Amsterdam, where you can admire works housed in the Van Gogh Museum, tour Anne Frank’s House or rent bikes to ride among countless art galleries, antique shops and charming cafes in some of the most famous and vibrant neighborhoods in the Netherlands.

Copenhagen to Stockholm - 10 Days

Visit seven magical countries and nine delightful cities as you travel through the Baltic's most fascinating cultures and breathtaking scenery. Your ship docks close to the center of most ports placing you just steps away from major sights, while an overnight stay in St. Petersburg gives you time to savor more of the imperial city’s wonders.

Dun Laoghaire (Dublin) to Reykjavik - 8 Days

Take advantage of long summer days and natural destinations inaccessible to large-vessel cruise lines during this 8-day cruise featuring popular Irish landmarks and Iceland’s remote and pristine ports. Stroll the cobbled streets leading to Temple Bar’s pubs, museums, and shops prior to departing from Dublin. Explore Belfast’s interactive museum dedicated to building the Titanic, fitted and launched from here in 1911, or wander Victorian shops and narrow lanes in the shadow of High Street’s Albert Clock. Hop across hexagonal basalt stones on the Giant’s Causeway. Stroll rainbow walkways in Seydisfjordur, a brightly painted village on Iceland’s east coast and gateway to the Skalanes Nature Reserve—a sanctuary for over 40 coastal bird species. Admire the tenacity and longevity of Djupivogur, a tiny port on Iceland’s southeastern coast that endured for five centuries as a European trading post despite never having more than 500 inhabitants. Capture the visually stunning, turquoise-tinged ice floes crowding the nearby Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. Circumnavigate Surtsey Island, a 500-foot-high island that formed during a volcanic eruption in 1963. Take a walking tour on Heimaey Island, home to 4,500 inhabitants and an estimated eight million puffins every summer. This remarkable journey concludes in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik, where you can take in city views from open windows atop the steep spire of Hallgrimskirkja, or walk along the waterfront trail in the pink-hued twilight shortly after midnight.

Experience the natural coastal splendors and the treasures of Europe’s lesser-known small ports on this 7-day cruise that winds along the coasts of Portugal, Spain, Britain, and Ireland. This memorable journey begins in Lisbon near the ivory medieval Belém Tower, one of the last friendly crenelated fortifications Portuguese explorers and seafarers glimpsed before sailing into the unknown during Portugal’s Age of Discovery. Spend the night in Porto and listen to the strumming of Old World mandolin-style guitarra portuguesas accompanied by folk vocalists during a Porto fado performance. Sip a nightcap of dark and smoky aged port or bright, white Vinho Verde. Sample spicy, fried tapas paired with bright, local dry white wines or robust blended Spanish reds in El Ferrol. Follow painted and sculpted scallop shells to the steps of Santiago de Compostela, the ultimate goal of Christian pilgrims for over 1,000 years. Wander the quiet corners of Tresco Abbey Gardens, a 17-acre subtropical garden built on the 1,000-year-old ruins of a Benedictine Abbey. If maritime history is more your thing, take a stroll through the Valhalla Museum among the extensive array of old figureheads recovered from centuries of sailing and steamship shipwrecks. Before your cruise arrives and disembarks in Dublin, you’ll sweep past the rocky shores and green fields of Hook’s Head, and catch glimpses of rural settings that have changed little over scores of generations. Master the perfect pour after a tour of the Guinness Brewery in Dublin, or learn personal accounts of art, music, fashion, politics, and sports in interactive exhibits featuring former and current Irish citizens who have made lasting impressions on our contemporary world at EPIC, Dublin’s interactive and highly immersive museum on Irish emigration.

Sip robust red wines from storied French chateaus. Stare skyward at centuries-old arches in silent, candle-lit cathedrals. This 10-day, autumn Atlantic cruise along the coasts of Britain, France, Spain, and Portugal is an ideal getaway for anyone seeking popular European destinations without summertime crowds. Set sail from London, where you’ll have an unobstructed view of the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and open seats at riverside pubs. Trace the Battle of Hastings across the 1,000-year-old Bayeux Tapestry and the victory of William the Conqueror over King Harold II. Sip cider beverages paired with local cheeses at an old distillery near Honfleur. Uncover the secret war waged by Guernsey’s island resistance at the La Valette Underground museum in St Peter Port. Slurp freshly shucked oysters with dry Muscadet wines from the western Loire Valley during a delicious stop at the Castel Clara restaurant in Port Goulphar on Belle Ile. Stroll beneath the storied arches of famous classified wine estates and sample exceptional French food during an overnight stay in Bordeaux. Soar high above the priceless Medoc vineyards and sprawling chateaus in St. Émilion in a helicopter. Cook up pinchos, or Basque-style tapas at a Bilbao cooking class or study contemporary art at the Guggenheim Museum. Sip smoky, 30-year-old port and shop the famed Avenida do Aliados District in Porto, Portugal. This journey concludes in Lisbon, where uncrowded streets present opportunities to explore the palace ruins of Moorish São Jorge Castle above the city and the crenelated splendors of Belém Tower down on the waterfront—all in one wonderful autumn day.

Discover the hidden coastlines and the overlooked charms of lesser-known small ports during this extraordinary 11-day crossing of Europe’s Atlantic shores. Sip Devonshire Cream tea and nibble on decadent cakes as you discover Dartmouth’s 400-year-old connection to Mayflower pilgrims. Explore the century-old halls inside the Britannia Royal Naval College, the UK’s naval academy for the British Royal Navy officers and former school of several princes in the royal family. Attend a French cuisine cooking class or stroll among the vineyard rows in Médoc or St. Émilion during a delicious stop that blends storied red wines with briny French cheeses near the outskirts of Bordeaux. Follow the painted or sculpted scallop shells leading to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, the ultimate destination of pilgrims for more than 1,000 years. Linger over dark, rich, and fiery red port wines as you float past the tall, tiled-roof port houses lining Porto’s waterfront on the Douro River. Run your fingers along the sculpted stone knots commemorating Portugal’s bold maritime history at Belém Tower on the banks of Lisbon’s Tagus River. It’s a perfect vista for watching sunsets on the Atlantic while sharing dreams and plans for your next European adventure.

Edinburgh to Copenhagen - 10 Days

Trek past low, wind-shorn coastal vegetation punctuated by cairns of stacked rocks and lichen-covered Neolithic monoliths. Caress the glossy corners of wooden church pews polished smooth by generations of prayerful hands from Norwegian villagers both past and present. This 10-day cruise combines the cultural intimacy exclusive to small port excursions with the rugged beauty of the fjords and glaciers of Norway. It’s a journey of contrasts where futuristic innovations intermingle with artifacts and monuments from an ancient past. Stroll among countless tartans, kilts and scarves for sale along Edinburgh’s cobblestoned Royal Mile. Savor lesser-known Scottish haddock dishes like sauce-covered Finnan haddie or salty, hardwood-smoked Arbroath smokies. Ride in Olden’s open ‘Troll Cars’ to the melting Briksdal Glacier, the most accessible arm of the Jostedal—the largest glacier in Europe. Take flight in a helicopter to the sweeping heights of Norway’s popular Pulpit Rock and the steep, granite-lined cliffs of Lysefjord. Explore Skagen’s “blue hour” a summer light favored by Scandinavian Realist and Impressionist artists more than a century ago. Take a ride among old world amusements in Copenhagen’s Tivoli Garden or catch an impromptu concert amid Christiania’s eclectic and contemporary counterculture crowd. This delicious and insightful journey delivers memorable experiences far beyond ordinary.

Edinburgh to Tilbury - 8 Days

Surround yourself in the pageantry and majesty of parading tall-mast sailing ships at Sail Amsterdam, a special event that only occurs once every five years and is the largest nautical event of its kind in the world. This special cruise spends three days in Amsterdam among the splendor of this global event, anchored in the company of legendary sailing ships. You’ll have plenty to see, sample and celebrate along storied waterfronts, but make time to follow the countless canals past tall and tilting timbered shops and flats to verdant old world parks and stately museums housing shadowy masterpieces by Dutch Masters and vibrant, impressionist pieces immortalized by Van Gogh’s bold brushstrokes. This one-of-a-kind cruise also explores historic ports and hallmark cuisine throughout Scotland, England, and Belgium. Stroll in the footsteps of Roman sentries on Hadrian’s Wall Path, the largest Roman artifact in the world.  Discover the ancient engineering secrets of improvised fortifications made from turf, timbers, limestone, and sandstone along the longest line of defense in ancient Western Civilization. Sip and savor the citrus and spice notes in Belgian ales, the sweet richness of local chocolates and the rustic charm of Flemish farmhouses surrounding Ghent and Bruges. Your memorable journey concludes on the River Thames near London, where you should plan on making time for riding double-decker buses, eating fish and chips, and sipping countless malty, fruity caramel-colored iterations of classic English brown ales.

Dun Laoghaire (Dublin) to Copenhagen - 18 Days

rom the craggy, foggy coastlines of Brittania to the soaring Norwegians fjords, the tales and feasts of Viking and the Scots abound.  This cruise features stops in Ireland, the UK, Scotland, Norway, and Denmark. Sip a wee dram of exquisite whisky as you listen to tales of lost Spanish gold in Tobermory’s harbor port on the Isle of Mull. Wander the windswept Orkney Island moors near Skara Brae, Scotland. Admire massive glaciers and sample Norwegian cheeses in Olden, Norway. Browse Bergen’s eclectic waterfront shops for intricate Norwegian sweaters and wood-carved ornaments. Discover the celebrated history of the Skagen School and learn why accomplished artists ventured here a century ago to paint in Denmark’s distinct summer sunlight. This remarkable journey culminates among the cosmopolitan splendors of Copenhagen, where you can explore the 1800s amusement-park ambiance of the Tivoli Gardens and sample new Nordic cuisine at several of the most highly acclaimed restaurants in the world.

Uncover Europe’s culinary and cultural delights throughout this 19-day August cruise featuring stops in the UK, France, Spain, and Portugal. Set sail near London and walk the small town of Dartmouth among fresh Royal Naval College cadets and Medieval Era exhibits. Pair rich Bordeaux wine blends with succulent French cuisine during an overnight stay in Bordeaux. Admire the view of distant Moroccan mountain ranges from the strategic heights of the Rock of Gibraltar. Discover the beauty of UNESCO site the Alhambra Palace. Kick back on a warm beach not far from Palma de Mallorca’s exceptional restaurants, or head up the hill and explore Castell de Bellver, a circular fortification dating back to the 1300s. This amazing adventure culminates in cosmopolitan Barcelona, where you can amble up Las Ramblas with pedestrians and shoppers, or wander among the Gothic Quarter’s narrow passages and daunting walls.

Revel in the year’s longest daylight hours while exploring ports and cities throughout the North Sea during a 3-week cruise. Set sail from Reykjavik, Iceland’s largest city and an epicenter for contemporary music. Meditate in the silent shadows of Kirkwall’s St. Magnus Cathedral, a community gathering space for nearly a thousand years. Stroll along the gray stone walls of Lerwick’s Fort Charlotte, which deterred a 1600s Dutch fleet despite being undergunned and incomplete. Kayak along Alesund’s archipelago as seabirds soaring against a background of towering Norwegian fjords. Inhale the malted aromas brewing inside Dublin’s Guinness Brewery and then master the perfect pour. This magnificent adventure eventually concludes in London, where you take a spin on the Eye high above the thriving Thames River, or cross the Tower Bridge and listen to the rasps of ravens, the last captive residents inside the haunting Tower of London.

Extensively explore Britannia before sailing south to France, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco during this 29-day cruise along North Sea, Atlantic, and Mediterranean shorelines. Begin in Edinburgh, an inspirational setting for J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter drafts. Tour the decks of the HMS Belfast adjacent to London’s Tower Bridge and imagine the life of a Royal Navy sailor. Bite into rich and creamy Camembert cheeses and wash them down with local ciders or apple brandy near Honfleur, France. Learn dominant grape varieties along the Dordogne’s Left Bank and Right Bank during a delicious overnight stay in Bordeaux. Delve into the Caves of Hercules in Tangier, a fabled cavern for resting Greek and Roman heroes, and a human habitat during Africa’s Neolithic Era. Your memorable journey concludes on Barcelona’s cosmopolitan waterfront, a short distance from the tapas bars and boutiques along the thriving, centuries-old Las Ramblas.

Savor more than two months exploring Europe’s small ports and popular landmarks throughout the Baltic, North Sea, and the Western and Central Mediterranean during this once-in-a-lifetime cruise. Visit 48 ports in 20 countries over 62 days aboard our flagship sailing ship, Wind Surf. Spend the night in St. Petersburg, Russia and visit The State Hermitage Museum, one of the largest museums in the world, or attend an exclusive evening ballet performance. Feel inspiration from Norway’s beautiful towering fjords and sample the fresh flavors of an abundant smorgasbord. Attend the 3-day Sail Amsterdam Celebration and check out historic sailing ships from all over the world, a bucket list highlight. Bask on sandy Spanish beaches sipping delicious local wines. This exceptional journey concludes among Venice canals, where you watch gondoliers atop the Rialto Bridge and reflect on a wealth of new travel memories.

Lesser-known North Sea splendors and warm Mediterranean beaches beckon during this 18-day cruise that stops at ports in England, France, Guernsey, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. Cast off from London’s busy riverfront, past the Tower Bridge and the restored light cruiser HMS Belfast. Learn how Victor Hugo lived and wrote during his exile from France, or dine on rich, local cassoulet and conger—sea eel—soup at a St. Peter Port café in Guernsey. Wander winding streets to walled fortifications above the tiny French port of Le Palais. Sniff, swirl, and sip your way through a flight of red wines during a delectable overnight stay in Bordeaux. Inhale the aroma and savor the richness of t Porto’s renowned Ports. Quench your thirst with sweet Moroccan mint tea and shop for trinkets and dried fruit and nuts among the stalls at the Grand Socco in Tangier. Your journey concludes in cosmopolitan Barcelona, where enticing aromas of sizzling seafood paella reminds you of the eclectic cuisine, culture, and history Spain offers.

Explore the finest small ports in Scotland, Norway, and the Faroe Islands (Denmark) before circumnavigating Iceland on this 17-day summertime adventure from Edinburgh to Reykjavik. Your first 11 days cover the shorelines of Scotland and Norway, stopping off to see Denmark’s Faroe Islands. The following week explores Iceland’s majestic fjords, imposing volcanoes and remote rocky reaches. Discover the challenges faced by Iron Age communities near Kirkwall, Scotland, sample almond ring cake and other Norwegian culinary delights at a historic farm near Bergen, Norway, and kayak among sea birds and urban artistry in Alesund, Norway. Iceland excursions include flights above waterfalls and volcanoes on Heimaey Island, detailed archaeological examinations of a medieval farm near Seydisfjordur, and relaxing moments immersed in the natural geothermal waters of the Myvatn Nature Baths outside Akureyri.

Venture from warm Mediterranean shores to Iceland’s turquoise-tinged ice floes and stark white glaciers during this remarkable 23-day journey along the most scenic coastlines in Western Europe. Browse shops, tapas bars, and cluttered kiosks along Barcelona’s arboreal Las Ramblas pedestrian mall. Learn the difference between Fino, Pedro Ximénez and Manzanilla sherries while sampling at a winery tasting room near Cádiz, Spain. Sip dark, sweet, blackberry-like port at a waterfront café along the Douro River in Porto, Portugal. Tour the Guinness Brewery in Dublin and master the perfect pour. Explore Iceland’s lesser-known ports and capture breathtaking imagery of azure-hued ice floes at the Jokulsarion Glacier Lagoon in Djupivogur. Your remarkable journey concludes in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, a stylish nexus for indie music and home to more published writers per capita than any country in the world.

Reykjavik to Athens - 66 Days

Set sail on an unforgettable vacation rich in European art, Mediterranean cuisine, and memorable cultural exchanges during this epic 66-day cruise featuring stops in Iceland, Faroe Islands, Scotland, Norway, Northern Ireland, Wales, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Malta, Greece, and Turkey. You begin in Reykjavik, surrounded by ice-topped ridgelines. Visit Akureyri along the northern Icelandic coast, not far from lunar-like volcanic expanses where astronauts perfected simulated moonwalks. Sip a pint of amber ale or a dram of fiery golden Scotch whisky in a Kirkwall pub. Wander Dublin Castle’s Gothic halls. Sample premier crus and small-run French wines during an overnight stay in Bordeaux. Stroll Valetta’s narrow flagstone streets and touch dun-hued city walls gouged by centuries of sieges. Dine among the history of the Celsus Library prior to an exclusive concert in Ephesus. This epic journey concludes in Athens not far from the Acropolis and the best souvlaki-serving tavernas found in the Attica.

Venture from Portugal’s warm shores and Ireland’s verdant estuaries to Iceland’s blue-tinged glaciers and steaming geothermal pools during this 15-day cruise that visits memorable ports throughout Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Faroe Islands, and Iceland. Sip rich red ports in a riverfront winery warehouse in Porto, Portugal. Stroll through a tropical garden in a former abbey on the Isles of Scilly. Step atop massive basalt columns along the Giant’s Causeway near Belfast. Explore a Viking excavation near the remote village of Torshavn on the Faroe Islands. Listen to survivor accounts during a volcanic eruption on Heimaey Island, the Pompeii of the North. This memorable journey concludes in Reykjavik, Iceland, where you can enjoy coffee and nibble on sweet pastries steps away from Hallgrimskirkja’s soaring spire, or soak up the Blue Lagoon’s steamy outdoor waters.

Edinburgh to Stockholm - 20 Days

Experience Scandinavia and Northern Europe through small ports, remote archipelagos, and storied cities during this 20-day cruise featuring stops in Scotland, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Russia, and Sweden. Admire towering fjord walls, pristine evergreen forests, and ribbon-like waterfalls as you glide into the village of Olden, Norway, where you can visit glaciers and examine ornate, centuries-old woodcarving techniques. Relax on deck as you drift past the beauty of nature in glaciers, woodlands, cliffs, and waterways. Walk in the footsteps of kings past the historic gate and tall 14th century residences to Neptune’s Fountain on Gdansk’s famous Royal Way. Late nights in Helsinki and Klaipeda offer more time to see UNESCO site Suomenlinna Island and the Witches Hill. Overnight to stroll among intricate mosaics and beautiful marble works beneath the onion-shaped domes in The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood prior to an exclusive evening ballet performance in St. Petersburg, or tour the elaborate and ornate halls among art and artifacts in the Winter Palace, the former home of Russian Emperors until a century ago.

Stockholm to Edinburgh - 20 Days

Experience Scandinavia and Northern Europe through small ports, remote archipelagos, and storied cities during this 20-day cruise featuring stops in Scotland, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Russia, and Sweden. Admire towering fjord walls, pristine evergreen forests, and ribbon-like waterfalls as you glide into the village of Olden, Norway, where you can visit glaciers and examine ornate, centuries-old woodcarving techniques. Relax on deck as you drift past the beauty of nature in glaciers, woodlands, cliffs, and waterways. Walk in the footsteps of kings past the historic gate and tall 14th century residences to Neptune’s Fountain on Gdansk’s famous Royal Way. Late nights in Helsinki and Klaipeda offer more time to see UNESCO site Suomenlinna Island and the Witches Hill. Overnight to stroll among intricate mosaics and beautiful marble works beneath the onion-shaped domes in The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood prior to an exclusive evening ballet performance in St. Petersburg, or tour the elaborate and ornate halls among art and artifacts in the Winter Palace, the former home of Russian Emperors until a century ago.

From Europe’s largest cities to the Atlantic’s smallest port towns, this 21-day cruise offers a variety of vistas and venues along the coastlines of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, England, France, United Kingdom, Spain, and Portugal. Hike to the top of Battery Hill and meander among the 94 stone arches of McCaig’s Tower, or head north to Dunollie Castle, an imposing strongpoint that has protected inhabitants since the Bronze Age. Get a feel for life in the Royal Navy as you explore the storied decks of the British light cruiser HMS Belfast near London’s scenic Tower Bridge. Learn about the 1855 Classification involving nearby French wineries and Chateaus as you taste your way through wine flights during an overnight stay in Bordeaux. This cruise eventually concludes among the medieval monuments and red-tiled roofs of Lisbon, Portugal, where you can browse shops, cafés and galleries in the Alfama district or ride a yellow tram high above the city.

Attend the 3-day Sail Amsterdam celebration on your own Windstar flagship sailing ship during this unforgettable 18-day cruise throughout the ports and cities of Denmark, Norway, Scotland, The Netherlands, Belgium, and England. During the Amsterdam event you’ll have ample time to see these international sailing ships moored throughout the city’s extensive quays, and stroll inland along countless canals, cafés and small shops. Meander among Skagen’s brightly painted cottages and learn why artists and art students reproduced the summer sunlight on canvas for more than a century. Try on a moose leather jacket or sample a reindeer hot dog along the historic Bergen wharf. Listen to bagpipes in Edinburgh Castle. This memorable journey culminates along the River Thames just outside London, where you have easy rail access to nearby airports or, better yet, opportunities to spend days near royalty at Buckingham Palace, sculptures in Hyde Park, and innovative cuisine served throughout busy Piccadilly Circus.

Dun Laoghaire (Dublin) to Stockholm - 28 Days

Discover captivating ports and breathtaking vistas throughout this 28-day cruise of historic destinations and little-known secrets along the North Sea and Baltic coastlines of Ireland, the UK, Scotland, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Russia, and Sweden. Take in expansive views from historic Iverness Castle near the small port of Portree in Scotland. Peer into the restored underground Neolithic homes along the windswept coastline of Skara Brae near Kirkwall. Glide in a sea kayak near rocky islands within sight of Alesund, or explore local art galleries along narrow Norwegian streets. Strap into a helicopter seat and soar high above sweeping fjords to the expansive views of Pulpit Rock near Stavanger. Late night in Tallinn  with time to see Peter the Great’s Baroque masterpiece, Kadriorg Palace and overnight in St. Petersburg, Russia and explore remnants of the former Soviet Union before catching evening ballet performances or spending extra time in the State Hermitage Museum, one of the most extensive museums in the world.

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