on board


A layered approach to cleaning and sanitizing includes an increased frequency of cleaning public spaces and high touch points, hospital grade HEPA filters and UV-C light to disinfect the air, and electrostatic sprayers using a hospital-grade, EPA-approved sanitizing solution on surfaces and in public spaces. Upgrades to the HVAC systems on board the ships include two different components. The first is the installation of HEPA filters proven to filter out illness and allergy causing components. The second component is the UV-C light which is proven to kill many different types of bacteria and viruses, including norovirus and coronavirus. Together, the components filter and sanitize the air for a high level of disinfection of the air supply. Learn more about these HVAC components and the electrostatic sprayers on the blog.

Additional medical staff will be on board. Crew will wear masks and be given a COVID-19 PCR test weekly. Guests will also wear masks indoors and outdoors when unable to social distance. Onboard functions will be conducted without handshakes by our officers and crew, but do look out for our new “Windstar Wave.” Meals will be served by crew, eliminating the need for self-serve buffets. We expect our guests to participate by adopting best hygiene and social distancing practices while on board to keep themselves and the larger community protected.