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Windstar Land tours are available before or after more than 20 departure dates on 12 itineraries in Asia. Extend your adventure and connect with thousands of years of rich history and spectacular architecture in this exotic region.

Whichever Windstar Land Tour you choose, rest assured that every detail of the itinerary has been thoroughly vetted for quality and coordinated to complement your cruise schedule. Immerse yourself in the experience of your choice, free of any logistical concerns. All packages include the necessary hotel/port/air transfers as well as the flights to get you safely to your tour destination.

Call your travel professional or Windstar Cruises to book your cruise and land tour package.

Regions to explore

Immersion in regional culture

Kyoto/Osaka Land Tour

3 days, 2 nights

Have your camera charged and ready for the lovely architecture found on this tour. Visit the cypress-wood UNESCO Site of Nijo Castle and Osaka Castle, the 16th century famous historic landmark surrounded by 15 acres of carefully landscaped park. And stroll the grounds of the ancient Kinkakuji Temple, also known as the Golden Pavilion for the shimmering gold leaf that covers it.


  • Visit the 16th century Osaka Castle, the main historic landmark of the city
  • Tour the UNESCO Site of Nijo Castle, built of cypress wood in 1603
  • Stroll the gardens of the ancient Golden Pavilion, built in 1397 and covered with shimmering gold leaf

Immersion in regional culture

Beijing & Xian Land Tour

4 days, 3 nights

Discover thousands of years of culture and art as you walk a section of the Great Wall, visit the Terracotta Warrior sculptures and tour the enormous Chinese imperial palace known as the Forbidden City. Spectacular views and rich history combine with delicious cuisine like Peking Duck for a land tour that completely complements your cruise.


  • Visit the marvel that is the Great Wall of China, the largest man-made structure
    ever built
  • See the Terracotta Warriors, one of the most famous archaeological finds in
    the world
  • Tour the Forbidden City, the Chinese imperial palace from 1420-1912

Immersion in regional culture

Angkor Wat Land Tour to/from Singapore or Bangkok

3 days, 2 nights

Step way back in time and marvel at the masterful architecture and detailed art of the Khmer Empire. See local life in a floating village on Tonle Sap Lake. Observe the battle between man-made art and nature at Ta Prohm. Then check this massive UNESCO Site off your bucket list.


  • Tour Ta Prohm, a part of the Angkor Wat complex that has been virtually untouched from its original state
  • Marvel at the brilliant architecture of Angkor Wat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • You will visit the largest religious monument in the world
  • See the sunrise over Angkor Wat, one of the world’s best sunrises

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