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Land tours in Costa Rica

Enhance your travel experience
with an immersive tour

Add a land tour to your journey and have the time to truly explore the unspoiled rainforests, outstanding wildlife sanctuaries and spectacular bird-watching that this rich tropical region has to offer.

Whichever Windstar Land Tour you choose, rest assured that every detail of the itinerary has been thoroughly vetted for quality and coordinated to complement your cruise schedule. Immerse yourself in the experience of your choice, free of any logistical concerns. Costa Rica Land Tours include all of the necessary hotel/port/airport transfers to get you safely to your destinations.

Call your travel professional or Windstar Cruises to book your cruise and tour package.

Arenal volcano

Arenal Volcano Land Tour

3 day, 2 nights | From $ 1,600 per guest

The imposing Arenal Volcano is a must-see for visitors to Costa Rica. And the scenic surrounding area is full of bountiful sights, sounds and activities. You will have the opportunity to get a bird's-eye-view over the biologically diverse rainforest and lunch at a local restaurant. Learn More »


  • Walk through the dense forest and see the avifauna of Nectandra Garden
  • Take a sky tram ride to the Arenal Reserve
  • Zip line through the rainforest for a bird’s-eye-view of the landscape

Little frog with red eyes

Monteverde Land Tour

3 days, 2 nights | From $1,300 per guest

Don't miss an opportunity to explore this stunning private biological reserve that is one of the best examples of sustainable tourism in the world. Hike through the clouds in this wildlife sanctuary and learn about local culture on a fascinating sugar mill tour. Learn More »


  • Meet a local family and tour a sugar mill to learn the sugar process
  • See the amazing flora and fauna of the cloudforest, including the
    Resplendent Quetzal
  • Learn from the professional English-speaking tour guides

Turtle on a stump

Tortuguero Land Tour

5 days, 4 nights | From $ 1,300 per guest

The area’s gorgeous waterways offer a uniquely intimate nature study. A private journey through the canals of Tortuguero (or “Land of Turtles”) allows you to get within a whisper of leatherback and green turtle nesting sites. (Turtle sightings are not guaranteed.) Learn More »



  • Take a walking tour through San Jose to see the variety of architecture there including neoclassic and art deco
  • Use the 3-hour boat ride to search for wildlife like Howler monkeys, river otters,
    or turtles
  • Visit Tortuguero Town and the Turtle Museum

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