Meet our Guides

Meet Our Guides

Meet our team of on board expedition experts who sail with the cruise the entire time as part of our Signature Expeditions program. They'll provide more insight, understanding, and commentary to show you an Alaska you've never seen before. Consisting of naturalists, glaciologists, historians and more, this team of experts will also lead a variety of guided tours, so they’ll bring everything you’ve learned on the ship to life and keep an eye out for all the things on your must-see list.
Expedition Staff
Larisa Manewal
With a degree in evolutionary biology, Jessica Farrer has worked on commercial fishing vessels in the Bering Sea, counted Steller sea lions in the Aleutian Islands, tagged sea lions in the Gal├ípagos and run a remote field camp in Hawaii working with the critically endangered monk seal.  She spent four Austral springs on the sea ice near McMurdo Station Antarctica working on a study of Weddell seals and gained a broad understanding of the Ross Sea ecosystem and the controversies surrounding its status as a protected area. Jessica has contributed video and photographic work to assist projects with in their outreach goals and has worked with the BBC while filming for Frozen Planet in both Antarctica and Alaska.
Expedition Leader
Amy Malkoski
Amy was raised in coastal Marion, Massachusetts near Cape Cod where she spent most summers exploring the intertidal areas of Buzzards Bay. A certified NAUI Divemaster she has spent many years exploring the underwater and some of her favorite places to dive are in cold water because of the rich underwater environment. Whether leading hikes through bear country in Alaska or the Arctic, running kayaking operations in remote places, giving lectures on marine animals or working as a naturalist and diver her passion for nature and enthusiasm to share amazing places with others is evident. 
Expedition Staff
Lisa LaPointe
Lisa LaPointe has a degree in biology, a background in conservation education, and a deep appreciation for the sea. She has worked as a naturalist and guide in the Dominican Republican, swimming with humpback whales, and as a captain and naturalist in Southeast Alaska and southern California, introducing guests to the wildlife of those regions. She is also an accomplished photographer, and leads photography trips worldwide. When not on expedition vessels or traveling, Lisa enjoys kayaking, hiking, and nurturing a newfound love for sailing.
Expedition Leader
Simon Hook
Simon Hook grew up near the ocean and its wildlife in northern California. His love nature led him to Alaska, specifically Sitka, over 10 years ago. He began working as a deckhand on passenger vessels and eventually worked his way up to expedition leader. Along the way Simon gained vast knowledge of the natural world and wildlife of Alaska. He also picked up a camera and has won several awards for photos of Alaska’s wildlife and landscapes. Simon enjoys hiking and backcountry skiing and just plain being outside and enjoys sharing his love of nature with others.
Expedition Staff
Paul Murray
Since he was 13 years old Paul has been guiding both land and sea expeditions. He has traveled to 6 continents and nearly 50 countries, guiding in many of them. His passion for adventure has led him on amazing journeys; a 1,864-mile bicycle ride across Southeast Asia, a 60-day rafting trip through the Grand Canyon and following the epic Chilkoot Trail and Yukon River in Alaska and the Yukon retracing the epic 1898 Klondike Gold Rush by foot and kayak.  Paul calls Skagway, Alaska home, and has been a kayak/hiking/historic guide in Alaska for the past 15 years. He turned his love for videography and photography into a business, and founded his company, Murray AdVentures Inc. Paul plays tennis, and still enjoys a good rally session and is also an avid bridge and chess player.

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