Windstar has always been on the cutting edge of the private yacht-style experience. Windstar also continues to introduce innovative efforts to make all ships in our fleet more sustainable. Now, we’re taking bold new steps toward helping our Windstar guests be more ecologically friendly, even when they’re not on board a Windstar yacht.

Beginning in April 2022, Windstar is partnering with major North American car manufacturers to introduce a new line of wind-powered vehicles under the Windstar brand. This new flagship land-yacht line, WindCar, will offer our treasured cruising guests the opportunity to own one of the very first wind-powered vehicles. It’s all part of our exclusive “Cruise Control” pilot program, the brainchild of Windstar’s President, Chris Prelog. These WindCar vehicles will receive wind energy from specially installed Dacron micro-sails, similar to those found on Wind Surf, Wind Spirit and Wind Star yachts but much smaller, sized to fit a four-passenger car. The canvas sails will be featured in special panels on top of and within a custom-made fiberglass body created by the world’s preeminent design engineers.

The micro-sails make the car remarkably agile on the roads and increase driver control on all kinds of road surfaces without sacrificing efficiency. Prelog said engineers have assured him the WindCars have the capability to sustain speeds of up to 85 mph — roughly 74 knots — depending on whether the vehicle is traveling with a tailwind.

Windstar leadership applauds Cruise Control
"As part of our unique Cruise Control initiative, Windstar is unveiling our innovative vehicles at the right time in the company’s history,” says Prelog, who has been leading the charge on WindCar since last April. “With gas prices rising, and with the environmental concerns surrounding vehicle gas emissions, we believe the car-buying public is ready for a smarter approach.”

“We project robust sales in 2022 and beyond, because this truly is the future of driving,” Prelog adds. “If the car-buying public is expecting traditional gas-powered engines, well, that ship has sailed.” In the long and storied tradition of Windstar Cruises, the WindCar will be for sale with all-inclusive features or a la carte options, such as Egyptian cotton seat headrests and waffle-weave floor mats. “We think of every detail,” Prelog explains, “because WindCar knows the way to a driving experience that’s 180 degrees from ordinary.”

Though WindCar vehicles won’t start rolling off the line until this summer, Chief Commercial Officer Betsy O’Rourke is already busy fielding media inquiries. She’s also inundated with calls and emails from prospective customers hoping to pre-order. “So many people want the unique opportunity to own a WindCar that we’ve set up WindCar@windstarcruises.com — just to handle the demand,” O’Rourke says. “I must say, we’re delighted how quickly people are jumping on board.”

Pre-order your WindCar today
All you need to do to own your own WindCar:
Pre-order by mailing WindCar@windstarcruises.com
Remember to ask for your unique purchasing code.
Include your deposit preference (Minimum 20% required).
Let us know what WindCar color you prefer
For delivery, wait at least 8-12 weeks.
Or, for faster delivery, arrange for pick up.
Opportunities for dealerships also exist.
Let us know also if you want a warranty.
Sea you on the open road in a WindCar!