Windstar power yacht

Employee Spotlight: Meet Eko Hastiyanto

Hotel Storekeeper and Indonesian born Eko Hastiyanto has been part of the Windstar team for about 1½ years. Having trained at the International Hospitality Center Eko enjoys his behind the scenes job on the ship. His work entails maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the ship storeroom and all its contents. He especially enjoys the camaraderie of loading days and is responsible for much of the hotel operation goods and supplies. Eko is very appreciative of the entire Star Pride team, especially Hotel General Manager Keith and Hotel Controller Handy. He would love to become a chef someday.

Some of his “favorites” include:

Favorite cruise location: Europe
Favorite city to visit: Tallinn, Estonia
Favorite food: Gado Gado
Favorite pastime activity: Playing guitar
Favorite movie: Spiderman

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