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Bar Waitress Kristy Joy Sigua has been with Windstar for almost 3 years. A native of the Philippines, she loves traveling to different places around the world and talking with our guests. In addition to serving guests, she is responsible for organizing and keeping her assigned station clean, making requisitions on a daily basis and doing inventory at the end of each cruise. Kristy Joy enjoys interacting with our guests and has a lot of fun, as do our guests, during deck and beach barbecues and during crew shows. 

Once, during a dinner service she was speaking with a couple that had been married for more than 50 years who told her they had a problem. Wanting to be helpful, she asked if there was anything she could do to help them. They shared that their problem was they didn’t know where to travel to next because they had already been all around the world! Ever helpful, Kristy Joy was quick to reply, “Oh, problem solved Sir and Ma’am. It’s time to start all over again!” She loves her job making and serving drinks but most especially taking care of our guests beyond their expectations.

Some of her “favorites” include:

  • Favorite cruise location: Europe, especially in the Mediterranean.
  • Favorite cities: Paris and New York.
  • Favorite food: Everything Asian!
  • Favorite free time activities: Biking and listening to music.
  • Finally, she’d like to share: “Good vibes, positivity and happiness! Life is wonderful.”

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Brian and Tess Jenkins
9 months ago

Joy is an amazing ambassador to Windstar Cruise Lines! We had the pleasure of spending 14 Days on the Star Breeze on the Philippines Hometown Cruise in 2018. She certainly helped make our cruise that much more enjoyable!

Douglas Apted
9 months ago

We’ve sailed with Kristy Joy on five occasions and love her to pieces! She is one of a kind but works in conjunction with a team of superlatively attentive crew! Our desire would be to sail with Kristy Joy on a regular basis when COVID-19 has been eradicated. We hope that Kristy Joy her family and ALL the crew and staff of Windstar are safe and healthy!

Rebecca Jordan
9 months ago

Your employees are the best. We met Joy on one of her first voyages. She is a sweetheart. The care and kind concern displayed are some of the reasons we continue to travel with you.

Janis Apted
8 months ago

It was a pleasure to be served by Kristy Joy on 5 cruises. She was cheerful, immaculately groomed and always attentive. She aims to please, bringing your favourite beverages or makes new suggestions. She was always professional, working with her team of servers, wherever she was stationed on the ship. Kristy Joy is a valuable, hard working employee..

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