Exploring Dreams of Tahiti

As Windstar prepares to once again sail the beautiful French Polynesia islands, some of our team members recently went down for a site inspection. The team, made up of Windstar’s Director of Marine Operations, Captain Sander Groothuis, and the Director of Product Development, Kelly Hubbard, chartered a small boat to sail the Dreams of Tahiti voyage. During their week visit in Tahiti, they met with various officials, vendors, and experienced several hand-picked shore excursions in order to provide the best local experience for our guests.

“We wanted to explore the ports and optimize the routes and places to anchor with a local pilot. Ollivier was kind enough to take us around the islands.” – Captain Sander (on the right)
“We explored some very exciting options with our agents for shore excursions, including swimming with sting rays and sharks.” – Kelly (at left)
Our local guide making fresh poisson cru au lait de coco (fresh fish with coconut milk) with local seafood, a common dish in Tahiti.
The team scouted many small islands called motu to find the perfect location for the private Windstar Beach Barbecue.
Guests will enjoy wonderful local dance performances – and have a chance to perfect their own moves.
Kelly and Sander face a hard day’s work on Bora Bora.

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