Introducing Our ‘Islands of Italy’ Voyages

Trevi Fountain – Rome, Italy

You’ve been to Rome. You’ve made a wish to Neptune at the Trevi Fountain by night, walked the footsteps of Raphael, Botticelli and Michelangelo in the Vatican City by day. You fell in love with the history, the culture and incomparable beauty of this captivating country, homeland of Augustus and Aurelius, muse to da Vinci and Titian. If you’ve been here before, or if you wish to see a side of Italy unseen by tourists, our Islands of Italy voyage is for you.

Sorrento, Italy

Revisit your favorite ports in Italy – St. Peter’s Square in Rome, the ruins of Pompeii near Sorrento – but that’s just where your adventure begins. Go on to visit the island of Ischia, the cliffs of Lipari, the sun-kissed charm of Porto Cervo in Italy. Explore dramatic coastlines and tiny harbors as you sail past Stromboli, a small island volcano in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Then there’s historic Porto Vecchio in France and its bustling Place de la Republique, with chic bars and quaint cafes.

Lipari, Italy

See Italy as the locals do – up close and personal. We invite you to explore this timeless region with us at incredible value, with two-for-one fares and two free hotel nights. Buon viaggio!

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