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Windstar Cruises has partnered with SAVEUR, a leading epicurean brand for culinary travel content, to develop a collection of local dining tips to uncover the world’s most delicious destinations for culinary travelers. Share your favorite dining tip using #WindstarDiningTips

Sun and Stars

La Fontelina Beach Club
Via Faraglioni, 80073 Capri; +39 081 837 0845
Rub elbows with the beautiful people at La Fontelina Beach Club, where for decades superstars like Clark Gable and Sophia Loren have come to hide away in the secluded turquoise coves and chic cabanas–and dine on food that is every bit as perfect as the views. Soak up the magic over a lunch of zucchini blossoms, grilled branzino–and plenty of the famous white sangria–then retreat to your lounge to sleep it off in the sun.

Salad Days

Da Paolino
Via Palazzo a Mare, 11 80073 Capri; +39 081 837 6102
Crimson slabs of ripe tomato, a fragrant scattering of green basil, and creamy white mozzarella di bufala: the Caprese salad is like an Italian flag on a plate–and there’s no better place to eat the iconic Italian delicacy than Capri, the island that was its birthplace and namesake. Nearly every restaurant on the island offers a take on it, but for our money, the best version (and most picturesque setting) can be found at Da Paolino, a lovely trattoria hidden in a lemon grove high above the Marina Grande.

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