Amid all the distractions of daily life, it’s easy to forget what attracted us to our significant others in the first place. There are many small ways to rekindle the romance. But if you really want to fall in love all over again in just the right space and time, take to the Caribbean seas.

The quiet of a sailing yacht and the openness of languid turquoise waters allow you and your love to see each other as you hadn’t for years. There are only as many distractions at sea as you wish – without set dining times or schedules on board, the days are yours to spend rediscovering each other. Sail to quiet coves and secluded harbors, where the scenery, exclusive ports and sails overhead provides the romantic backdrop for you. And if you’re looking to enhance the experience, here are some ideas:

  1. Turn your stateroom into an intimate movie theater. Order popcorn from Windstar’s 24-hour in-room dining service and watch a romantic movie from Windstar’s library on your stateroom television, cuddling with your loved one to the gentle sway of the ocean.
  2. Lounge together on a Balinese bed on deck, soaking up the sun while sipping refreshing beverages and listening to the ship sail through the waters.
  3. Spend an evening under the stars in the secluded coves of Jost van Dyke and Virgin Gorda, the perfect opportunity to leisurely enjoy an al fresco dinner on deck at Candles.
  4. Clear waters, quiet lagoons and coral gardens make Iles des Saintes and the Tobago Keys ideal for snorkeling and swimming hand-in-hand. Steal a kiss or three.
  5. Check out a kayak for two from Windstar’s watersports platform and paddle around the golden-sand beaches of Mayreau, The Grenadines.
  6. Have dessert and a bottle of chilled champagne brought to your stateroom for a romantic toast. In the middle of the day.
  7. Stroll the shopping markets of St. Martin and St. Barts – known for their unique custom jewelry and exotic liqueurs. Laugh over ridiculous baubles and awe together over beautiful local crafts.
  8. A truly romantic gesture? Consider renewing your vows on deck.

What’s your most romantic Windstar memory in the Caribbean?

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10 years ago

It is so exciting to romance at Caribbean. I like to celebrates my holiday at Caribbean seas. It is really a great experience with my love one.

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