Sailing the Baltic Sea with Aaron Saunders

We had nearly as much fun reading Aaron Saunder’s posts of his journey on the Wind Spirit through the Baltics as he had sailing! Well, perhaps not quite, but his posts are certainly a joy to read. From the beginning of his voyage in Stockholm, Sweden, Aaron had us captivated with his anticipation of his cruise to his first sighting and admiration of Wind Spirit.

The Wind Spirit attracts a crowd along Skeppsbron. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

From there, we followed Aaron as he settled into his new stateroom and became accustomed to the quiet peacefulness of the sails as the ship eased into the glassy waters of the Baltic Sea, en route to the stunningly beautiful medieval island of Visby, Sweden.

The stunning, UNESCO World Heritage site of Visby, Sweden, on the island of Gotland. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

Aaron then enjoyed a leisurely day at sea, taking this time to tour the Wind Spirit and describes his unique experience aboard our small sailing yacht and how, “under wind propulsion, the ship was eerily quiet, devoid of the shakes and rattles that normally accompany engine propulsion.” With the blue vastness of the sea surrounding him in any direction, there was only the hypnotic pulse of the ocean and the billowing sails to break the quiet.

Dinner settings await diners in The Restaurant, Deck 3. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

Making great time sailing across the Baltic, Aaron reached the town of Warnemunde, Germany. He spent his day wandering around the lovely German seaside town, working up an appetite for that evening’s Pool Deck Barbecue. A favorite among Windstar guests, the Pool Deck Barbecue is a time for festivities and feasting. Aaron filled himself with suckling pig and lobster tail before settling in to enjoy the rest of his evening, content and sated, from his favorite chair in The Lounge.

It's tough to top the beauty and relaxation of the clean, crisp streets of Warnemunde. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders
Passengers enjoy the Outdoor Barbecue as we leave Warnemunde, Germany. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

Refreshed and revived after an evening of being lulled to sleep by the sea, Aaron chronicles his visit to Copenhagen – a bicyclists’ haven with countless picturesque canals. Statues, quaint waterside cafes and large open squares all contribute to the beauty of this Danish city. The loveliness of Copenhagen was countered the next day with the eerie history in Aarhus, Denmark where Aaron contemplated the Tollund Man, who at age 25 was cast into a Danish bog in 220 BC and perfectly preserved.

Dating back to the 17th century, this prime restaurant location near Copenhagen's canals will be packed with people in just a few short hours. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

Full of experiences and a sense of history, Aaron spent his last two days exploring the canals of Gothenburg, Sweden and Viking longships in Oslo, Norway. We have loved awaiting his daily posts and have truly enjoyed taking this journey with Aaron. Bon voyage – until next time!

Perhaps the most memorable sight aboard a Windstar ship. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

To continue following Aaron as he travels around the world, be sure to follow him on his blog – Treasures of Northern Europe, Capitals of Scandinavia and Best of the Baltic.

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10 years ago

absolutly amazing posts. i very much enjoyed reading them.  cannot wait to see where his next trip takes him!

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