Travel Tips

Cruise Secrets of Long-Time Cruisers

There’s a reason many first-time travelers become lifelong cruisers — cruise vacations combine all the best parts of the land and sea for an unforgettable journey through different cultures and experiences. Between packing, embarkation day, shore excursions, bucket list tours and cultural considerations, planning your cruise can seem overwhelming — but it doesn’t have to …

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Group Travel Tips and Benefits

Are you used to trekking the globe solo or with a significant other? While traveling alone or with a partner has benefits, like quiet “me time” or romantic excursions, voyaging with a group is a whole new experience worth trying. Whether you’re traveling with a group of friends, family members or acquaintances you share interests …

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A Guide to Cozumel Cruise Port

Cozumel is an island paradise steeped in Mayan, Mexican and Caribbean culture. It’s widely loved for its pristine coral reefs and sparkling blue waters. It’s an exciting combination of everything that makes Cozumel so special — rich history, archaeological sites, modern resort amenities and a culmination of travelers and locals who share a love for …

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Why People Like Cruising

If you’ve never cruised before, it may be hard to understand why some people are self-proclaimed cruise addicts. Some travelers love cruising so much that they often book their next cruise while still on board. According to a survey by the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), about 92% of cruise travelers say they will likely …

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Pompeii Essential facts and tips to make the most of your day tour to the ruins

Once a popular resort destination for Rome’s upper class, a tour through present day Pompeii is an eerie yet fascinating journey through the last days of life in the city and for the 2,000 citizens who perished under the wrath unleashed by Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D.  The perfectly preserved city is a time capsule …

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Travel Hygiene Tips

Maintaining personal hygiene can seem challenging when you’re dog sledding in Alaska or hiking in Guatemala. And it can be just as tricky when you’re spending the day museum hopping or shopping for souvenirs. Regardless of your destination or travel plans, you may not have easy access to soap and water or a place to change …

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