Venice & The Croatian Coast with Peter Knego

Having sailed with us once before some time ago, we couldn’t wait to get Peter Knego back on board. As a cruise journalist and historian, Peter’s passion for the industry has taken him to all seven continents while his expertise has landed his comments in such prominent publications as The New York Times and USA Today.

As such, we were thrilled to have Peter join us aboard the Wind Surf, sailing from Venice to Croatia last month. From his first steps among the legendary canals of Venice to his final seafood dinner at Le Marché, Peter had an amazing adventure sailing the Adriatic Sea with us, and it has been so much fun following along as he retold his experiences on Maritime Matters.

View from the Rialto. Photo by Peter Knego.

And so his story began in Venice. Venice, Italy is one of the few cities that appears exactly as you imagine it – busy, well-dressed Italians and awestruck tourists mingling in the narrow cobblestone alleyways amid a labyrinth of gondola-laden canals and Gothic cathedrals. After the thoroughly rewarding experience of exploring the ancient city, the Guggenheim and its incredible Rialto, Peter watched from the deck of the Wind Surf at the incredible panoramic view of Venice as the yacht headed, sails unfurling, to their next destination: Rovinj, Croatia.

Sails unfurling. Photo by Peter Knego.

Sailing the Adriatic is a destination all unto itself, and Peter took full advantage of the experience that evening – enjoying the view available both on deck and indoors – savoring honey-coated Calmyrna figs and whipped mascarpone in a pistachio tulle at a table for two at Degrees, overlooking the inky blue ocean and the moon glowing white without city lights to compete with its brightness. Few experiences top the feel of the warm night breeze on the deck of a yacht as you sail south along the deep, calm waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Chef Ronald Waasdorf at the Rovinj, Croatia market. Photo by Peter Knego.

The following morning, docked at Rovinj, Croatia, Peter explored the local markets beside fellow guests and with Wind Surf’s Chef Ronald Waasdorf, who would be putting the provisions from his successful venture to good use, preparing meals for the guests using the local truffles, cheeses and honeys he procured. After a day spent wandering in the warmth that pervades the Mediterranean in the late summer, Peter treated himself to an afternoon at Wind Surf’s Watersports platform an ideal place to enjoy kayaks, floats, waterskiing and more in the blissfully refreshing Adriatic.

The Wind Surf watersports platform. Photo by Peter Knego.

The next day, Peter awoke to a stunningly beautiful morning in the Dalmatian coast, made even more appealing by a breakfast of caramelized banana pecan crepes at the Veranda.

Caramelized banana pecan crepe in the Veranda. Photo by Peter Knego.

Sailing into Trogir, Croatia, the beautiful white-washed, palm tree-fringed waterfront was offset by rugged mountains rising behind the town.

Turret top view from Kamerlengo fortress – Trogir, Croatia. Photo by Peter Knego.

After a long day exploring compelling architecture in a town rife with Greek, Roman and Venetian influence, an afternoon nap and relaxing by the Wind Surf’s deck pool was in order. And of course, one must be well-rested to indulge in an al fresco feast. As the sun sank low into the brilliant coral sky, dinner at Candles began – the perfect way to end another eventful day at sea.

Candles barbecue in Trogir twilight. Photo by Peter Knego.

Onward south toward Korcula and Dubrovnik. A captivating island with a charming town of the same name, Korcula, Croatia is as picturesque as one would hope from a mountainous island in the Adriatic.

MSY Wind Surf off Korcula, Croatia. Photo by Peter Knego.

Dubrovnik, Croatia, however, had a different allure altogether for Peter – his father having been born there the day the Republic of Yugoslavia was created. Anchored at the harbor in the Old Town, Peter walked along the footsteps of his ancestors, exploring both the intricacies of the city as well as delving into his own past. Peter viewed Dubrovnik, the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” both from sea aboard the Wind Surf and on foot among the walkways of the Old Town, but also from above, taking Dubrovnik’s famed cable car to the top of the mountain where he could revel in the incredible view.

Peter Knego kayaking in Korcula, Croatia.

Returning to the ship did not mean the completion of an unforgettable experience in Dubrovnik – rather, it was time for the famed deck barbecue. The deck barbecue is less of a traditional “barbecue” and more of a feast of lobster, steaks, salads and more served up by the smiling kitchen staff.

Ferry to Lokrom. Photo by Peter Knego.

The sunset and Dubrovnik painted the most stunning backdrop for the outdoors festivities, a very memorable experience near the end of his journey from Venice down along Croatia’s coast.

Sunset sailing along the walls of Dubrovnik. Photo by Peter Knego.

Another wonderful voyage with Peter complete, we find ourselves only looking forward to the next one. Thank you for sharing your unforgettable experience with us, Peter!

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