Celebrate the Moment! Small Groups Earn Free Cruises on Windstar

“If you wait until retirement to go see the Parthenon, you might not make it up the steps.”

Wise words from an anonymous traveler. At Windstar we are applauding a growing trend among our guests: celebrating their milestone moments as they define them. We’re talking taking that cruise to Alaska because you crave one more child-free adventure with your friends before baby is born, or you just got divorced and want to enjoy your new happiness with those BFF’s who truly support you. People are living more and more in the moment with their friends and family, celebrating these decisions and markers that go far beyond the typical and expected times to commemorate life milestones.


With many people traveling in groups these days, we have designed a program to reward and celebrate this trend. Now on select dates, small groups will earn a free cruise for the eighth cruiser for every seven people booked. Cruise guests planning the group trip can either keep the free cruise for themselves, or divvy up the savings up with the rest of the group. On higher-demand cruises, it’s one free cruise for every nine people that are booked. And with just 148 to 310 fellow cruise guests, our lovely yacht-style vacation offers the perfect fit for small groups.

“We have been seeing the small group trend grow and decided to do something to support it. Why just have corporate incentives for groups? Why not let people define their own friends and family group and reward it? Now you can earn a free cruise for every seven or nine of your friends and family that you sail with – that is a major value!

    ~ Steven Kona Simao, vice president of sales


Groups get a discount off of standard guest fares and $100 per person shipboard credit

to use on massages, shore excursions, or a bottle of bubbly.


On Windstar, our cruisers are in control — deciding  how, what and when to to celebrate and who to share the savings with. Windstar loyalists will be the first to tell you that the amazing and attentive staff on board every ship will always go out of their way to help elevate your festivities and momentous occasion with a variety of festive and exclusive celebration options on board.

Our largest small ship carries no more than 310 guests on itineraries around the globe so you will be the star of the show anywhere you choose to go. From vow renewals performed by the captain with a personalized cake baked by the culinary crew (gluten-free if need be), to private cocktail parties in one of the larger public spaces on board or a guest suite, there’s plenty of ways to make moments special together.


Arrange memorable shore excursions and other activities exclusively for small groups

with our friendly and well-connected shipboard staff.

If you have a group of friends or family just looking for a reason to celebrate, look no further than one of Windstar immersive and entertaining themed cruises. Whether experiencing the glitz and glam of Monte Carlo’s Grand Prix race day or  indulging on a delicious foodie-focused sailing on Windstar’s James Beard Foundation Culinary Cruise Collection. Choose the cruise that strikes your fancy, the whole group is sure to enjoy Windstar’s laid-back luxury and pampering service. This is the beauty of small ship cruising: flexibility and completely tailor-made revelries, no matter what milestone you’re celebrating or just because.

Photo by Instagram follower explorenomics


Perfect Itineraries for Small Groups

Skip the commercial ports in favor of hidden harbors like Montserrat. Bypass the crowds in favor of exclusive marinas and anchorages on Caribbean Treasures cruise. Another fantastic cruise itinerary is Gems of the Leeward Islands, where your group will depart from magical San Juan instead of Florida, your Caribbean cruise vacation begins earlier, on day one. And with 10 days instead of the usual 7, you have time to take the full measure of this most iconic parts of the Caribbean. Or Colón to Puerto Caldera voyage where your group will find the natural and man-made wonders combined on this exotic Costa Rica and Panama Canal cruise full of bucket list places and activities.

When You Go

Your travel agent is an excellent resource for you to use in planning group travel. To make a reservation for a group travel and receive a complimentary cabin, please contact your travel agent. For more information please contact Windstar Cruises at 877-958-7718, visit



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