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A great vacation is often remembered years later by the pictures taken and the memories associated with them. Not to mention, nowadays people are obsessed with posting pictures to Instagram, Facebook, and most other social media outlets. The better the photo, the more likely people are to comment.

"The dreaming and planning will soon become reality." - Great photo by @tncmom on Instagram
“The dreaming and planning will soon become reality.” – Great photo by @tncmom on Instagram

Windstar is offering new, complimentary photography programs on board select cruises in 2015 for you to hone your photography skills! These programs will allow you to create phenomenal pictures that everyone will rave about when you return home.

John Greengo – a photographer who specializes in travel, landscape, and nature photography as well as photographic instruction – will provide seminars on board, teaching you how to use equipment and capture the best images possible on your vacation. Seminar topics will include:
• Photo Basics – simple steps to better photos
• The Photographers Eye – how photographers look at the world
• Seven Steps to Great Photos – non-technical steps to better pictures
• Travel, Adventure, Photography – a collection of stories on travel and photography.

Additionally, John will be participating in select shore excursions, providing hands-on instruction while photographing on location in port. John will also be available during dinner to chat and dine while providing additional insight to his craft.
“I have traveled all 7 continents and have found that my favorite mode of transportation is by boat,” says John. “I love exploring the individual ports and having enough time to get lost before I have to return to the ship. I am most looking forward to getting lost in these incredible cities with guests and taking amazing photographs. Every destination has its own unique experiences and visuals; these components are what makes travel photography great.”

Photography cruises include the August 31 Venetian Passageways itinerary and the September 9 Classic Italy and the Dalmatian Coast voyage.
For more information and booking, visit our Photography Cruise page.

Photo credit: halliemauldin via Instagram. "This place was a dive ? #windstarcruises"
Photo credit: halliemauldin via Instagram. “This place was a dive ? #windstarcruises”
Photo credit: danroblespixels via Instagram. "MSY #WINDSURF in #StTropez"
Photo credit: danroblespixels via Instagram. “MSY #WINDSURF in #StTropez”

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Amy-Jo Koslow Willig
6 years ago

I would be very interested in a Photography cruise during January 2016. Will Windstar be offering anything then?

Reply to  Amy-Jo Koslow Willig
5 years ago

Hi Amy-Jo,
Photo Cruise is actually our new initiative this year. We are sort of “testing” how our guests like it and that will help us decide what itineraries will have this enrichment program in 2016. So there is no information on 2016 yet. Please keep an eye on

5 years ago

Hi, I would be interested in a 2016 Photo cruise as well.

Reply to  Bryan
5 years ago

Hi Byan,
We are glad that there is already an interest in this new enrichment program! We will decide which itineraries will feature photography classes in 2016 right after September 9 Classic Italy and the Dalmatian Coast voyage. Check back then please.

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