Windstar Unveils 2013 Voyage Collection

It will be an exciting new era for Windstar in 2013. With seven spectacular new voyages setting sail and amazing renovations on our beautiful fleet of sailing yachts, we’re beyond thrilled to unveil our Windstar 2013 Voyage Collection.

Windstar’s luxury cruises have always provided travelers with an intimate alternative to larger boats. Our small cruise ships offer elegant and chic accommodations that make traveling easy and fun. Following an $18 million renovation this year, our fleet will even better. You’ll marvel at the classic, stylish luxury of our staterooms, owner’s suite, corridors, and public spaces.

Learn more and see photos of our stunning Windstar renovations aboard the luxurious Wind Surf, Wind Star, and Wind Spirit.

New Voyages

Highlighting the 2013 Voyage Collection are seven new voyages that will visit Casablanca, Dublin, the Norwegian Fjords, and more. See the world like never before on these new European voyages:

  • Europe’s West Coast Odyssey – Lisbon to Portsmouth
    Fine port wines, sculptured coastlines, and the quiet heroism of history. This is the best of Europe’s West Coast.
  • Idyllic British Isles – Portsmouth to Dublin
    Sail the beautiful coasts of England, Wales, and Ireland, the inspiration of authors, artists, and poets.
  • Gaelic Explorers – Edinburgh to Dublin
    From the pubs of Dublin to the castles of Edinburgh, journey through hills and highlands, idyllic islands, and lyrical landscapes.
  • Scandinavian Tapestry – Edinburgh to Stockholm
    Stunning beauty of Norway’s fjords surrounds you; sparkling Scandinavian capitals delight you; charming villages capture your heart.

We’re also offering three new voyages in the Mediterranean:

  • Provence & Cote d’Azur – Nice to Barcelona
    The French have a word for it. In fact, they have several—idyllique, seduisant, magnifique. Idyllic. Seductive. Stunning. Here is la belle France at her best.
  • Footsteps of Faith – Athens to Alexandria
    Voyage through the Holy Lands, origin of the world’s great faiths, from the mythologies of ancient Greece to the Islamic and Judeo-Christian traditions of today.
  • Casablanca & the Canary Islands – Lisbon to Santa Cruz de Tenerife
    From the magic of Morocco to the tropical serenity of the Canaries, this voyage is a perfect blend of indulgences.

There’s plenty more to explore in our 2013 schedule. We’ll be heading back to Panama, Costa Rica, Greece, Croatia, and many other world-class destinations. For a limited time, you can enjoy 2-for-1 fares on all 2013 voyages when you book by May 31, 2012.

There’s something for every traveler in our Windstar 2013 Voyage Collection. All aboard!

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9 years ago

Looks good!

9 years ago

A fantastic itinerary.

9 years ago

Great itinerary! We have stayed in Lipari, and Stromboli. Would love to see this offered in 2013 in September or October!!! We love Windstar!

8 years ago

Great news . Travelled on Windstar around Tahiti a couple of times before and it is a beautiful experience.

Morris Taber
8 years ago

I am curious as to why the pictures in Tahiti show a ship with 4 masts. Is there some secret Windstar isn’t revealing? Or just clumsy PR?

Reply to  Morris Taber
8 years ago

Hi Morris, Wind Surf is our only yacht with five masts. Our two smaller yachts, Wind Star and Wind Spirit, have four masts. The former Wind Song also only had four masts.

ray uhler
8 years ago

We look forward to Tahiti next year – we were on the WindSong in Tahiti in 1996 before the ship’s demise.

8 years ago

And I assume there will be a repositioning cruise as well? Details please! 🙂

Reply to  @TravelEater
8 years ago

Yes, there will be two 22-day Trans-Pacific crossings. Stay tuned in March when we announce the itineraries for sale!

Reply to  Windstar Cruises
8 years ago

Looking forward to it!

8 years ago

OMG I am so looking forward to go back and on the “Spirit”. First year of retirement, what a way to celebrate, thanks Windstar.

8 years ago

Woo Hoo!! Did the Wind Song in Tahiti in ’91, can’t wait to do it again!

Jeremy Shepherd
8 years ago

Did this itinerary years ago & can’t wait to do it again!

Bill Oman
8 years ago

I sailed on the Windsong three times in Tahiti and can’t wait to go back!

Bill Oman
8 years ago

I loved all three previous cruises in Tahiti on the Wind Song and can’t wait to go back!

Donna Watson
8 years ago

Can’t wait to do this trip! Will there be any air inclusive packages?

Reply to  Donna Watson
8 years ago

We’ll be announcing the itineraries for sale in March so stay tuned for details on our complete offering!

Barry Peterson
8 years ago

We’ll be returning to Tahiti with you. What great news. Can’t wait.

Nancy K
8 years ago

Wow! Did Windsong in 1994. Be fantastic to celebrate 20 years later on Wind Spirit. Can’t wait to book!

8 years ago

I sailed on the msy Wind Song in December 1994. Amazing ship, impeccable service, almost surreal destinations (as a longer cruise, we also had Rangiroa on the itinerary). Glad to hear Windstar Cruises is returning.

8 years ago

Do these boats ever completely sail without any engine power?

Reply to  Thomas G. Steffens
8 years ago

Hi Thomas, as a matter of fact they do! We try to maximize time under full sail on each voyage with our sailings yachts. Currents and wind conditions can affect that as we do have schedules we need to maintain in order to make it on time to each port, so it will vary from day to day.

Gary Berezny
8 years ago

We have dreamed of doing this for years! One beautiful evening, about 20 years ago we were in Bora Bora enjoying the enchanting dance, music and drums of the islands on the beach and saw the masts of the WindSong moored in the bay offshore etched against the light of the full moon. We said, “Someday, we will sail on that ship!” But we never did. We are excited to have the opportunity once again. Can’t wait!

8 years ago

We are alums that are sailing to Croatia in June out of Venice. Could someone who is familiar with that sail contact me at I have tried to get cogent information on some connection details to no avail. We need more definite details instead of what I can read on the brochures. Thank you.

Vanessa W
8 years ago

Will be on this one the end of May 2014 for my and my husband’s 50th birthday (we are 3 months apart!). SO excited!!

Antonio Pedro
8 years ago

We are in!! sign me up 🙂

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