Introducing Eclectic New Spanish Restaurant: Cuadro 44 by Anthony Sasso

We are taking our cruise culinary program to the next level with a new Windstar Spanish Restaurant named Cuadro 44 by Anthony Sasso in partnership with the renowned chef. One of the youngest chefs to be recognized by the Michelin Guide, and celebrated guest chef at the James Beard House, Sasso promises a menu of modern and inventive Spanish cuisine inspired by his own travels across the Iberian Peninsula.

In New York City (L-R): Kris Moon, VP of the James Beard Foundation, The Johnson Studio team: Elizabeth Mendoza and Ray Chang, Chef Anthony Sasso, President John Delaney and Director of Operations Peter Tobler.

Sasso is known for his groundbreaking work at New York restaurant Casa Mono, where he spent 13 years and earned the restaurant a Michelin star ten times. His connection to Windstar Cruises began in 2018, as guest chef on a James Beard Foundation Culinary Collection themed cruise in the Mediterranean.

Anthony Sasso says: “having spent a lifetime studying Spanish food and culture, working in several Catalan kitchens, traveling the Iberian landscape and learning from, and getting inspired by the masters: everyone from the Roca Brothers of El Celler de Can Rocato to the unmatchable Pablo Picasso, this new Windstar Spanish Restaurant will be the perfect vehicle to showcase the universally enticing flavors of Spain and its coastal seas. I’m extremely excited and honored to be involved with this innovative company.”

Windstar Spanish Restaurant Cuadro 44 by Anthony Sasso will first debut beginning in February 2020 on Star Breeze, and later in 2020 on sister ships Star Legend and Star Pride as part of our $250 Million Star Plus Initiative.

Everything you need to know about Cuadro 44 by Anthony Sasso:

  • The name: The Cuadro 44 part of the name translates to “Frame 44” in Spanish. When ships are built, the vessel is mapped out in sections called frames. Cuadro 44 is the ship’s numeric “address” for where the new restaurant will reside, inside frame 44.
  • The Cuisine: Sasso plans for the Cuadro 44 menu to showcase all of the coastal areas of Spain, stretching from the Basque region to the northern Cantabrian Sea to the Mediterranean-tinged eastern parts of Catalonia, Valencia, and Alicante. He will also explore the cuisines from southern, sun-kissed Andalusia and Jerez, heavily influenced by North African spices.
  • The Dishes: Experienced and aspiring foodies alike will have the rare opportunity to try legendary jamón ibérico, lamb chops from Catalonia, pulpo gallego, Galician-style octopus and churros y chocolate among other regional dishes and treats.
  • The Design: Drawing on inspiration from the various regions of Spain, the design will be just as exciting as the cuisine including handcrafted details, colorful, intricate patterns, playful wall and furniture, wine displays and tiled floors with a mosaic of colors. Set on Deck 6, the restaurant will seat 38 and feature a chef’s counter and communal table perfect for small-plate and family style dining.

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