Northern Lights Iceland Cruise
In the land of fire and ice, your Windstar cruise around Iceland brings you to landscapes both otherworldly and astonishing beautiful. The earth is still shifting here. Dark volcanic peaks rise above fluorescent green hillsides. Lava fields bubble with mud pots and steam vents. Glaciers top mountains, even volcanos. Waterfalls, some of the largest in Europe, create their own rainbows. Startlingly blue lagoons, heated by vents from under the Earth's crust, are natural relaxation spots for bathers.
Your cruise begins in the capital city of Reykjavik, which radiates a small-town, artsy vibe. As your ship circumnavigates Iceland, you’ll encounter once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as hikes on ice and on lava fields, and riding Icelandic horses through lush countryside. You may explore lava caves with helmet and flashlight or take a flightseeing tour over icy glacial terrain that includes “The North” filming locations for the TV show, “The Game of Thrones.”
Nature tours by Zodiac provide up-close views of humpback whales and seabird cliffs, including the largest Atlantic puffin colony. History tours include Viking lore. In quiet interludes, you might find yourself alone with your thoughts while kayaking in the calm waters of a fjord. By nature of the fact you are on a Windstar small ship Iceland cruise, you’ll travel deeper into local waters than you would on larger ships.
Under the near 24-hour Midnight Sun, your Iceland cruise takes you far beyond the typical tourist hot spots, your yacht sailing to remote islands and fjords and tiny villages – including an overnight in Seydisfjordur, with its colorful chalet-style homes and lively arts scene. The leisurely pace affords time to converse with the locals, sample Icelandic cuisine and craft beer, and, perhaps, hear folk tales of elves and trolls.

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