Grand Adventures

Multiple destinations. Multiple months. Private-yacht style.

From the 17th to 19th centuries, it was a rite of passage for young aristocrats to embark on a Grand Tour. This extended journey to the world’s great cities was a way to breathe life into their classical education, broadening their horizons and gifting them with knowledge and understanding that would enrich their own lives and their society.
Windstar's Grand Adventures offer homage to those extended journeys with meticulously curated voyages spanning multiple destinations over multiple months, each one highlighting a region unique in its cultural and natural heritage. Visit places both on and off the beaten track, checking must-sees off your bucket list and discovering secret places that few travelers ever see. Take the time to get to know people who still live much as their ancestors did. Taste fine wines and cuisines perfected over generations. Admire works of art from Roman aqueducts to tie-dyed sarongs. And spend relaxing days on deserted islands, in Japanese gardens, or cruising stunning fjords and canals. It’s the kind of education and perspective you can only get from travel. And it’s the kind of travel you can only get from a private yacht-style cruise on Windstar.