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culinary excellence

An Appetite For Inspiration

Portofino, St. Kitts, Taipei … no matter what destination beckons you, the local flavor of the culture is deliciously captured when you dine onboard your Windstar ship. Fresh, local ingredients — often selected by your ship’s chef on a trip to the local market — along with seasonal produce and culinary ingenuity, go into each perfectly presented dish. And naturally, you have a choice of venues to dine in, all with open seating. Dinner in the exquisite Amphora, lunch alfresco at Veranda, dessert in Stella Bistro. Or drinks and dinner at a magical, moonlit Candles.

World Class Dining Experience
We've upped the onboard dining game with our culinary program, featuring an array of fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced from each port along the journey. Each nightly menu is crafted to highlight the spectacular flavors of the regional cuisine.
Culinary Shore Excursions
Tantalize your taste buds with a variety of flavorful shore excursions. Choose from wine, brewery, and distillery tours as well as hands-on cooking classes with seasoned chefs practiced in the art of perfecting traditional and modern recipes. Ship to shore, we’ll intoxicate your senses.
Onboard Dining Venues
Every meal is just what you'd expect on your private yacht - perfect. You're free to dine when, where, and with whomever you please.
Introducing Our Plant-Based Culinary Innovations
Announcing our flavorful, healthy, and delectable plant-based SOS-free program: no salt, no sugar, no oil, and gluten-free, yet delicious dishes. Try veggie enchiladas, crispy kefta of lentil and beet, or chocolate delight cake to name a few of our wide variety of plant-based innovations. This program rotates daily at each meal, so you’ll have plenty of choices and options that were developed in partnership with the National Health Association.

Introducing Windstar’s Market Tours

Accompany your chef to a local market (where available) to select the local ingredients, seasonal produce, herbs and spices that will be included in your special evening meal. The essence of the culture you explored on shore miraculously appears as a delicious masterpiece on your plate.

Shop With The Chef

Explore the local markets with our chef and pick out fresh local ingredients to prepare dinner on board that evening.