Star Collector Voyages

Back to Back Cruises with FREE Laundry

Star Collector Voyages combine some of our most popular itineraries for a more in-depth exploration of each region. Featuring longer voyages of 14+ days and few repeated ports, take advantage of your time here and unpack only once. Travel the world spending more time sampling exotic cuisines, immersing yourself in new cultures, and discovering perspectives that open your heart and return home with a soul fulfilled.

All Star Collector Voyages feature FREE daily laundry, so you can travel light and come home with a well-traveled suitcase and one less chore.

Singapore to Singapore - 14 Days

Overnights in Singapore and Phuket and a day in Kuala Lumpur add big-city bling to a string of less-visited pearls. Discover hidden coves and beaches in the karst islands of Phang Nga Bay. Snorkel from the very shores featured in the movie The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Swim from the Watersports Platform into aquarium-clear waters. Explore places known for their cuisines, their sunsets, their mesmerizing beauty..Singapore & Thai Treasures

Athens to Singapore - 34 Days

The call to Arabia beckons like the call to prayer from distant minarets, reverberating through winding passages and across flagstones laid down centuries before the discovery of the New World. Embark from Athens, the cradle of Western Civilization, on an odyssey of contrasts and retrace some of the oldest known sea routes in the world as you experience the cuisine, culture and landmarks of Egypt, Jordan, Oman, UAE, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia.

Bridgetown to Puerto Caldera - 14 Days

Escape the crowds and island traffic congestion as you rediscover the old charm of the Caribbean’s lesser-known locales in this delightfully intimate cruise through Southern Caribbean Islands, Columbia, Panama and Costa Rica. As your cruise progresses, the charming remote white beaches and quaint village markets give way to tropical jungles, the Panama Canal and the Pacific Ocean. As you turn north up the coast, you’ll visit Panama’s breathtakingly beautiful Isla Parida, and Costa Rica’s mist-shrouded cloudforest near the ecotourism epicenter of Quepos.

St. Maarten to St. Maarten - 14 Days

Skip the usual Caribbean cruise stops and discover the small harbors, overlooked havens and most remote secrets among the Leeward Islands. Whether you’re looking for hidden shops, sampling new cuisine or seeking a local place to sip rum cocktails over the melodic beat of steel drums, this highly personalized adventure is an intimate opportunity to familiarize yourself with the lesser-known charms of Barbuda, Soper’s Hole in Tortola, Gustavia in St. Barthémy, St. Lucia’s Pigeon Island and much more.

St. Maarten to Colón - 14 Days

You earned this. Stretch out in the sunshine, savor your citrus-topped liquid refreshment and listen as the trade winds gently whisper through the palm fronds above your head. In addition to relaxing on legendary white sand beaches and sampling far too many frozen concoctions to count, you’ll hop down to the southernmost and warmest waters on this Caribbean cruise, stopping off in sun-drenched Aruba and exploring the untouched natural splendors in Columbia and Panama.

Lisbon to St. Maarten - 21 Days

Today’s hurried pace and air travel prevalence overshadow the romantic and easy pace of crossing the Atlantic by luxury yacht. Rekindle the romance of a classic ocean voyage and follow the trade routes of seafarers and adventurers bound for the New World on this transatlantic cruise from historic Lisbon, Portugal to tropical St. Maarten. Once you arrive in the Caribbean, your Windstar captain sets a course among the southern island havens and highlights, with stops at the best beaches in the world.

Singapore to Beijing (Tianjin) - 28 Days

Wander through ancient temples and cosmopolitan cities in this diverging adventure of old and new in Vietnam, China and Japan. Test your culinary courage and indulge in unusual and unforgettable dishes and delicacies. Browse unique wares and surprising ingredients in charming open markets. These cruises redefine intercultural perceptions and boundaries, providing ample opportunities to sample the food and sights at stops in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Miyakojima, scenic Okinawa, Ishigaki Island, historic Beijing and more.

Hong Kong to Yokohama (Tokyo) - 28 Days

An ideal choice for adventurous travelers seeking an array of excursion options, these cruises from China to South Korea and Japan grant access to more than 17 exceptional UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Experience the Ming Tombs, the Great Wall, China’s Forbidden City, Korea’s Changdeokgung Palace and Japan’s breathtaking Osaka Castle while savoring delicious and memorable regional dishes along the way. Bright cosmopolitan delights, including the world’s largest underground shopping mall in Seoul, Korea, beckon to shoppers of all tastes.

Singapore to Bangkok - 28 Days

Set sail on a journey of memorable contrasts as you discover ancient traditions, sample elegant cuisines and explore breathtaking UNESCO settings in Malaysia, Brunei, China, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines. Indulge in diverse excursions that combine urban adventures with breathtaking natural scenery, including the fragrance of hundreds of rare orchids in Malaysia’s Kinabalu Park and the echoes of Puerto Princesa Subterranean River in Palawan. This cruise is an ideal choice for those seeking cultural immersion at places far removed from the familiar.

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