Star Collector Voyages

Back to Back Cruises with FREE Laundry

Star Collector Voyages combine some of our most popular itineraries for a more in-depth exploration of each region. Featuring longer voyages of 14+ days and few repeated ports, take advantage of your time here and unpack only once. Travel the world spending more time sampling exotic cuisines, immersing yourself in new cultures, and discovering perspectives that open your heart and return home with a soul fulfilled.

All Star Collector Voyages feature FREE daily laundry, so you can travel light and come home with a well-traveled suitcase and one less chore.

From misty, primordial emerald rainforests to clear azure skies above sundrenched white sands, this extensive 14-day exploration of South Central America, the Panama Canal and the Caribbean offers an extraordinary escape. The adventure begins among towering, centuries-old trees, fragrant orchids and rare colorful birds in Costa Rican forests and Panamanian jungles before arriving at Balboa, the gateway to Panama City and the historic Panama Canal. After watching the sunset from a quiet bayside café, you’ll transit the thriving Panama Canal. Then relax at sea, sunbathing, drinking, dining and socializing until you dock at uncrowded Admiralty Bay in Bequia, which is a perfect paradise for snorkeling among sea turtles and exploring French fortifications from the Colonial Era. Your memorable journey concludes among the Olde English charms of Bridgetown in Barbados, where you can sample the national dish of cou-cou — thick cornmeal and okra paired with fried flying fish — or sip a sweet rum punch in the shade among newfound friends.

Vancouver to Tokyo - 27 Days

Spend 27 exhilarating days on both sides of the International dateline among North American wildlife like bears, moose and caribou, calving glaciers in the Tracy and Endicott Arms, and stunning Japanese parks including the crater lake in Akan National Park in Kushiro. Your memorable Pacific port stops include Vancouver, Canada, 11 visits throughout Alaska and the Aleutians, and the final three stops on the other side of the international date line in Kushiro, Miyako, and Tokyo, Japan.

A perfect blend of antiquity and artistry, this 14-day cruise sails from the ancient ruins of Athens and makes a dozen port stops in Greece, Italy and France before disembarking among the contemporary architecture and gleaming, cosmopolitan wonders of Barcelona, Spain. Stroll the narrow streets inside the concealed medieval walls of Monemvasia, Greece and take an exhilarating tour of Corsica’s narrow winding coastal roads outside Calvi, France. From the Greek and Roman funerary steles - ancient marble reliefs depicting venerable people engaged in everyday life - to the vibrant and radiant impressionist paintings and dizzying mosaics of Antoni Gaudí’s Barcelona architecture, this is an ideal journey for passionate historians, art lovers and all seeking unforgettable cultural immersion.

Barcelona to Lisbon - 15 Days

While Windstar specializes in finding little-known destinations far from the crowd, you’ll find similar solitude among Europe’s most popular destinations during this off-peak, 15-day cruise of the Rivieras and Eastern Atlantic. Wander unimpeded through neo- Baroque exhibits in Barcelona and Palamos, and skip the wait times at sidewalk cafés and seaside restaurants throughout Southern France and Spain. The comfortable autumn climate makes sunny walking tours in places like St. Tropez, Tangier, Tarragona and Nice’s Old Town still feel like late summer, but the paths, parks and cobblestone streets largely are all your own. The warm afterglow still lingers along Spain’s Ibiza coastline, so have your swimwear ready for kayaking and pack your shorts for riding Segways on tours of Cartagena’s Spanish castles and fortifications.

Experience the best Western Mediterranean ports in detail during this 15-day cruise through Monaco, France, Spain, Gibraltar, and Portugal. Stroll among opulent casinos, high-end boutiques, and historic Formula One landmarks in Monte Carlo. Sip wormwood-based absinthe in the French village of Antibes outside of Cannes. Or meander among the dusky walls and long shadows in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, taking in the aromas, sights and sounds of the Catalonian heart of Spain.

Barcelona to Rome - 17 Days

Indulge in unhurried pleasures among steep coastal cliffs, tiny vineyards and romantic villages throughout the Rivieras and Western Italy during this 17-day, autumn cruise. During the fall winemakers are racking fresh wine into barrels, and new olive oils are sampled for the first time. Stroll uncrowded avenues and discover fresh, distinctly nutty porcini mushrooms served fresh on pastas and sautéed into tapas at sidewalk cafés, browse open markets and inhale the fall aromas from ripe apples, plump grapes and early season citrus. Test your luck in a Monte Carlo casino, hike the desolate Crateri Silvestri on the southeast slope of Sicily’s Mount Etna, and learn about Malta’s noble heritage inside the precipitous medieval walls of 4,000-year-old Mdina — The Silent City.

Stockholm to Copenhagen - 22 Days

Bask in the longest summer days in Europe during this 22-day cruise through Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Denmark and Norway. Your memorable journey takes place during July, so count on long daylight evenings and early morning deck views of dizzyingly steep fjords, expansive forests, and rugged coastlines all the way to the North Cape. Shore excursions include wandering the Russian fortress ruins of Bomarsund on the Aland Islands of Finland, watching a classic ballet performance in St. Petersburg, Russia and walking Nordic style with trekking poles among the emerald hills and sheer summits surrounding Geiranger, Norway. Explore Scandinavian and Northern European cultures on a distinct adventure that expands far beyond sailing fjords and gazing at waterfalls.

Copenhagen to Edinburgh - 18 Days

Sip trendy refreshments in Oslo’s Ice Bar, Norway’s only permanent ice bar, explore the Scottish castle of Urquhart Castle on the banks of Loch Ness and walk the Royal Mile from the Palace of Holyrood to Edinburgh Castle, where you can gaze upon the Crown Jewels of Scotland. This 18-day cruise features 11 port stops in Norway, Scotland and the UK, with overnights in Edinburgh and Oslo with extra time to explore these delightful cities.

Bridgetown to Puerto Caldera - 18 Days

Enjoy three extraordinary vacations in one: A Caribbean beach escape, a historic Panama Canal transit, and a Costa Rican rainforest adventure. Watch Wind Star’s billowing white sails unfurl as you sail between small-ship exclusives like Bequia and Mayreau. Join the parade of ships entering the Panama Canal, with plenty of room on deck and quick access between vantage points. Step off a Zodiac onto a private beach fragrant with roasting barbecue and bursting with possibilities. And discover Costa Rica’s incredible biodiversity as you hike deep into the rainforest with thick humus muffling your footsteps and undiscovered species tantalizingly close.

Puerto Caldera to Bridgetown - 14 Days

Escape the crowds and island traffic congestion as you rediscover the old charm of the Caribbean’s lesser-known locales in this delightfully intimate cruise through Southern Caribbean Islands, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica. As your cruise progresses, the charming remote white beaches and quaint village markets give way to tropical jungles, the Panama Canal and the Pacific Ocean. As you turn north up the coast, you’ll visit Panama’s breathtakingly beautiful Isla Parida, and Costa Rica’s mist-shrouded cloudforest near the ecotourism epicenter of Quepos.

Lisbon to St. Maarten - 20 Days

Days of bliss crossing the Atlantic are followed by the carefree spirit of the Caribbean. You can look forward to doing what you want when you want all under the care of your ship’s attentive crew. Order room service for breakfast in bed or find a quiet corner to curl up with your book and drift to sleep with the rocking of the ship. Arrive in St. John’s refreshed and energized to introduce yourself to each unique port of call. You’ll want to keep a journal to savor your memories of pristine beaches, sparkling clear waters, friendly people and charming towns like Gustavia and Les Saintes enough to beckon you back another time.

Bridgetown to Bridgetown - 14 Days

Skip the usual Caribbean cruise stops and discover the small harbors, overlooked havens and most remote secrets among the Leeward Islands. Whether you’re looking for hidden shops, sampling new cuisine or seeking a local place to sip rum cocktails over the melodic beat of steel drums, this highly personalized adventure is an intimate opportunity to familiarize yourself with the lesser-known charms of Les Saintes, Anse Mitan, Pigeon Island and much more.

Rediscover and retrace one of the frequently traveled sea routes of Colonial Age traders as you hop from Puerto Rico to St. Barthélemy, Guadeloupe, and other off-the-beaten-path destinations before setting a course across the Atlantic to Lisbon, Portugal. Centuries ago early seafarers used this same route for delivering sugar, fruit and molasses to Europe, but your precious cargo consists of stunning photos and countless memories of delicious meals, relaxing moments and detailed recollections of wandering the shadowy, volcanic ruins of Plymouth on Montserrat, admiring the UNESCO site in San Juan, and swimming off the white-sand beaches on Martinique.

Ditch the rushed cacophony of everyday life for a more relaxed tempo that leaves you in Lisbon feeling rested and refreshed. This 3-week cruise through the Caribbean and across the Atlantic is the perfect means of reconnecting with friends and loved ones during relaxing sea days and unforgettable shore excursions. Take a scenic drive to Harrison’s Cave near Bridgetown.  Snorkel the clear waters around St. George’s or Bequia, and watch the dramatic twin Pitons grow as you approach St. Lucia. When you arrive well rested in Lisbon, you’ll be ready to wander Moorish castles, sample rich red port wines and take in the busy seagoing sites along Portugal’s historic Tagus River.

Bridgetown to Barcelona - 22 Days

Relax and recharge aboard one of the largest sailing ships in the world during this leisurely 22-day transatlantic cruise to Portugal, Morocco and Spain. Roam the expansive decks for walks, dining and interacting with your fellow passengers. When you feel the need to unwind alone, all richly appointed cabins feature flat-screen monitors and multimedia centers with quality Bose speakers. After you depart from Barbados take in sea day activities, events, spa services and friendly conversations. You’ll be well rested and ready to explore an array of unforgettable shore excursions when you arrive in Europe. Sample rich red port wines and ride a funicular high above Lisbon, Portugal. Tour a vineyard and taste Spanish wines as you learn about grape varieties in Ibiza. Walk among the Romanesque and Gothic architectures, the Roman coastal ruins and intact buildings throughout Tarragona, Spain. This is a classic ocean crossing imbued with the best in modern luxury travel conveniences.

Bridgetown to Barcelona - 22 Days

Ideal for anyone seeking equal portions of relaxing time at sea and port visits, this 22-day transatlantic crossing features a combination of leisurely, uninterrupted sea crossing time balanced with the best ports in the Western Mediterranean. Board in Barbados, then spend time crossing the Atlantic and enjoying the romance of sailing as you make your way to your ultimate destination. Sip port wines in Lisbon, Portugal, browse wares in the bustling Grand Souk in Tangier, Morocco, and wander the medieval cobbled streets of Tarragona, Spain.

Rome to Barcelona - 14 Days

Steep orange cliffs bathed in the afterglow of an early summer evening, bright alabaster beaches caressed by azure seas, breathtaking vistas high above verdant olive groves and mosaic-like red terracotta roofs. Discover new perspectives and the true colors of the Rivieras during this 14-day cruise of small ports and stunning overlooks throughout Italy, Monaco, France and Spain. See the island of Elba through the eyes of exiled Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte as you explore his historic residence near Portoferraio, Italy. Walk or ride along portions of the Grand Prix circuit in Monte Carlo, one of the most prestigious and glamorous race courses in motor racing history. When you’re ready to relax, sample family-crafted French wines and olive oils from century-old trees as you take in the views from the Provençal hilltop village of Le Castellet near Sanary-sur-Mer.

Find the best of the worlds of relaxation, discovery and travel. Let yourself unwind on the transatlantic days at sea, reading, taking advantage of the WindSpa and Fitness Center amenities, making new friends and feasting on new culinary delights and personal favorites. Arrive in Barbados refreshed and ready to discover the wonders the Caribbean Islands invite you to experience. Find the UNESCO sites of Historic Bridgetown and the Garrison, full of historical significance. Let the nutmeg aroma fill your senses as you wander the spice markets of Grenada, Discover the graceful flamingos on the beaches of Bonaire and pick your favorite carved door in Aruba. Come on a journey of do as you please when you please and create authentic and unforgettable experiences along the way.

Explore the finest small ports in Scotland, Norway, and the Faroe Islands (Denmark) before circumnavigating Iceland on this 18-day summertime adventure from Edinburgh to Reykjavik. Your first 11 days cover the shorelines of Scotland and Norway, stopping off to see Denmark’s Faroe Islands. The following week explores Iceland’s majestic fjords, imposing volcanoes and remote rocky reaches. Discover the challenges faced by Iron Age communities near Kirkwall, Scotland, sample almond ring cake and other Norwegian culinary delights at a historic farm near Bergen, Norway, and kayak among sea birds and urban artistry in Alesund, Norway. Iceland excursions include flights above waterfalls and volcanoes on Heimaey Island, detailed archaeological examinations of a medieval farm near Seydisfjordur, and relaxing moments immersed in the natural geothermal waters of the Myvatn Nature Baths outside Akureyri.

Yokohama (Tokyo) to Vancouver - 27 Days

Few ocean crossings in the world offer the diverse scenery and wildlife encountered on this North Pacific crossing. Depart Japan and relax, reflect, and reconnect over a short series of sea days before docking in Seward, Alaska and eventually hopping down the coastline of Alaska and British Columbia to Vancouver, Canada. This crossing offers excellent opportunities to enjoy considerable time to explore ashore: Delve deep into the Ryusendo Cave near Miyako, Japan and study rare, long-eared bats living underground among emerald freshwater lakes. Meander among fisherman and busy shoppers as you sample morning-caught seafood at the Washo Market, one of the largest on Hokkaido, the northernmost island in Japan. Before turning for British Columbia, keep a watchful eye on the horizon for seabirds and calving white glacier blocks in the Kenai Fjords and the Tracy and Endicott Arms of Alaska.

A perfect adventure for anglophiles or anyone with a desire to explore the British Isles, this 19-day cruise lands at major destinations and pastoral, often-overlooked settings throughout Ireland, the Isle of Man and the UK. Hone your skills at pulling the perfect pint at the Gravity Bar high above the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland. Learn about the 5,000-year-old mysteries of Scotland’s Stonehenge ¾ the Ring of Brodgar ¾ near Kirkwall, and sit back and sip a cup of rich Cornish Cream Tea as you admire the steep slopes and coastal views surrounding Kynance Cove in Cornwall, England.

The precipitous stone walls of Edinburgh Castle have defined the skyline of Scotland’s capital for more than a millennium, and even if you miss the many pipe-and-drum performances of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, or the chest-thumping blast of the One O’Clock Gun, walking along the storied parapets remains the best view of the city and the perfect place to ponder the courageous feat of withstanding 26 sieges. After exploring and shopping the Royal Mile during the height of Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe, you’ll cross the North Sea to scenic Sognefjord and glide between the sheer, 5,000-foot-high cliffs that define Norway’s longest and deepest fjord. Don’t miss a trip up to the imposing, 2,000-foot-high ledge on Pulpit Rock, and follow the worn cobblestones to Stavanger Cathedral, Norway’s best preserved cathedral. Gaze out from the stacked slabs that make up the village walls of Skara Brae, the oldest and most intact Stone Age settlement in the world. our adventure concludes in Dublin, where you can take in a pint of rich Guinness stout as you contemplate the 360-degree view of slate rooftops, church spires and Ireland’s rolling green hills in the distance.

Lisbon to Rome - 15 Days

Immerse yourself in the sundrenched shores and glamourous ports along the Atlantic, Western Mediterranean and the French and Italian Rivieras during this charming 15-day cruise. After embarking in Lisbon you’ll have only a day at sea, so rest up and prepare yourself for shopping in the shadows of the Kasbah, wandering the Roman ruins of Tarragona or, if relaxing remains your passion, kicking back on the warm sand at storied French beaches in Cannes and Sanary-sur-Mer.

Venice to Barcelona - 15 Days

Discover the culture, history and cuisine on both sides of the Italian peninsula during this 15-day cruise of the Adriatic, Ionian, Ligurian and Tyrrhenian seas. This back-to-back cruise is ideal for optimizing shore excursion time in Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Monaco, France, and Spain without a single sea day. Stroll through Roman ruins in Rovinj, Croatia, sample olives and smoked hams at a centuries-old family farm in Montenegro, or savor an unforgettably romantic evening dinner at Château Eza in Èze 1,400 feet above the beaches of the French Rivera.

Italy alone cultivates more than 350 known grape varieties for remarkable and award-winning wines, so spend some extra time familiarizing yourself with regional cuisines, distinct beverages and unique customs during this 17-day cruise from Barcelona, Spain to the French and Italian Rivieras and wayward ports on Sicily and Malta. Beyond vino is a delightful array of other attractions to experience, including the silent Greek ruins of ancient Syracuse on the island of Sicily, and a memorable Maltese working farmhouse where you’ll collect savory and diverse herbs for a cooking lesson and rustic rural meal.

The easiest way to forget your work obligations and daily routines is an epic 21-day transatlantic vacation that begins with Spanish architecture and white Caribbean sands and eventually lands in Lisbon, Portugal. Intermingle days at sea with Southern Caribbean favorites like the flamingoes and divi-divi tress of Aruba, the Spanish flair of Cartagena and the spectacular view from Bequia’s Mount Pleasant. After crossing the Atlantic, charter a tour of Lisbon and a ride up one of the city’s famous yellow funiculars to the sweeping views in Bairro Alto, high above the Portuguese city. This unforgettable crossing is a perfect way to arrive refreshed and ready for Europe.

Dublin to Reykjavik - 19 Days

Savor 19 days of sailing and adventures among the northern latitudes of Ireland, Isle of Man, UK, Norway, Faroe Islands (Denmark) and Iceland in this exceptional journey featuring 15 stops in diverse and scenic settings that range from remote fishing villages to bustling seaports. Wander the windswept northern Scottish reaches once inhabited by Iron Age families outside of Kirkwall. Watch nesting sea birds and listen to the calls of grey seals along the coastline of Spanish Head on the Isle of Man. And step inside the Rosenkrantz Tower at Saint Mary’s Church in Bergen, recognized as the finest example of Romanesque architecture in Norway. In Reykjavik, Iceland you can visit the stately white Höfdi House where Ronald Regan and Mikhail Gorbachev discussed peace in 1986 before sampling Icelandic meat soup at the Viking World Museum.

San Juan to San Juan - 14 Days

Whether you’re passionate about swimming among rarely seen undersea wildlife or the intricate cultures and intertwined European histories of the Windward Islands, this 2-week cruise offers the best combinations of charm, island heritage and natural beauty. Shop unique designer apparel in St. Barts, where you’ll discover a fashionable confluence of high-end brands normally associated with places like Madison Avenue, but displayed in an ambiance that’s anything but intimidating. Stare in wonder at the glow from miniscule bioluminescent organisms stirred by your kayak paddle during a tour of the Fajardo Bio Bay nature reserve near San Juan. Master the art of cooking with distinct spices like nutmeg, cloves, and allspice in authentic Caribbean cuisine while taking direction from a highly-skilled native chef in Philipsburg. This Caribbean getaway is the perfect duration for lovers of island life and those who want to spend more time exploring the Windward Islands overlooked by other cruise lines.

Lisbon to Edinburgh - 18 Days

Reenergize and indulge in ales, wines and amazing cuisine as you sail north along the Atlantic Coast of Europe from Lisbon, Portugal to Edinburgh, Scotland. It’s a 14-port, 18-day journey through some of the most storied vineyards and urban centers in the world. Drift along Portugal’s celebrated Douro River and learn about the early wine trade prior to sampling deep red aged port in a famed Porto wine cellar. Spend two unforgettable days among Bordeaux’s famous vineyards and sip tea and nibble on Scottish shortbreads and locally sourced cheeses in the tea room of 400-year-old Duart Castle on the Isle of Mull.

Rome to Lisbon - 15 Days

Sip red wines and savor tapas, pastas, rich cheeses and aged hams throughout Portugal, Morocco, Spain, France and Italy. You’ll spend 15 memorable days exploring tiny rustic villages, historic fortified ports and contemporary architecture in Tangier, Ibiza, Barcelona, Palma, Mahon, Portoferraio, Rome and more. Kayak along the stunning coastline of Mallorca and bike from Portoferraio to Enfola, Elba in Italy.

Singapore to Beijing (Tianjin) - 28 Days

Wander through ancient temples and cosmopolitan cities in this diverging adventure of old and new in Vietnam, China and Japan. Test your culinary courage and indulge in unusual and unforgettable dishes and delicacies. Browse unique wares and surprising ingredients in charming open markets. this cruise redefines intercultural perceptions and boundaries, providing ample opportunities to sample the food and sights at stops in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Miyakojima, scenic Okinawa, Ishigaki Island, historic Beijing and more.

Tokyo to Hong Kong - 22 Days

This 22-day cruise through Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China offers an ideal introduction to the best travel destinations throughout Asia. Admire the quiet symmetrical grace of Mount Fuji as you ride an aerial ropeway up a mountain to the Kunozan Toshogu Shrine near Shimizu, Japan. Explore the research center at the massive Sangumburi Crater in South Korea, a geologic wonder featuring four types of distinct and remarkable forest zones within the former volcano’s caldera. Inhale the aroma of freshly crushed hops inside the century-old Tsingtao Brewery in Qingdao, China, and then take in a futuristic, high-flying Chinese acrobatic show in the bright, modern metropolis of Shanghai, China.

Dublin to Reykjavik - 26 Days

Nights are either short or nonexistent when you sail the North Sea in early summer, so you see more in Ireland, the Isle of Man, UK, Norway, Faroe Islands (Denmark), and Iceland. This 26-day cruise winds throughout the northern expanses and smaller ports throughout UK and Norway before touching on the remote Faroe Islands and eventually circling all of Iceland, giving you plenty of time to explore storied Scottish castles in Portree, sample unique goat cheeses in Geiranger, Norway and ride charming Icelandic horses close to the Arctic Circle in Akureyri, Iceland.

Hong Kong to Yokohama (Tokyo) - 28 Days

An ideal choice for adventurous travelers seeking an array of excursion options, this voyage from China to South Korea and Japan grants access to more than 17 exceptional UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Experience the Ming Tombs, the Great Wall, China’s Forbidden City, Korea’s outdoor museum of Gyeongju and Japan’s breathtaking Osaka Castle while savoring delicious and memorable regional dishes along the way.

Indulge your senses in a 13-day island-hopping cruise that contrasts modern Mediterranean refinements with classical Greek and Roman architecture. After Barcelona’s vibrant artistry slips beyond the horizon, you’ll soon find yourself dining and dancing into Mallorca’s thriving nightlife, or venturing inland along scenic, undulating roads that host world-class training programs for Europe’s best professional cyclists. Sample local wines handcrafted from Malvasia grapes inside the rugged stone walls of Sardinia’s medieval port of Alghero. Relax on sandy beaches and explore the rural and relatively untouched surroundings outside Porto-Vecchio in southern Corsica. Imagine standing in Napoleon’s polished boots, pacing among rows of gnarled vineyard rootstock, contemplating your 300-day exile and plotting your escape from the island of Elba. Then sip tart limoncello with the locals in Ponza, a diminutive island that remains relatively unknown to anyone but the savviest Italian vacationers. Don’t forget to indulge in the honey-glazed decadence of pignolata and the countless lemony-chocolatey confections in Sicily’s sunny Messina before your odyssey concludes among the ancient ruins of Greece, the cradle of Western Civilization.

Papeete to Papeete - 17 Days

Ideal for anyone who can’t get enough of Tahiti, this unique cruise features twice the visits to ports, so you have double the opportunities to see and experience what you love, and you can do all the things you passed up during your previous stop. It’s a top tropical pick among romantic couples, active divers and anyone in love with everything under the sun among countless blue Pacific lagoons. Dive or snorkel among vibrant and dizzying schools of tropical fish and friendly dolphins in the massive lagoon of Rangiroa, the second largest coral atoll in the world. Visit and learn about oyster pearl farming at the Anapa Pearl Farm on the west coast of Tahaa near Raiatea. Skim the turquoise Pacific waters off the coast of Bora Bora on a WaveRunner personal water craft as your guide leads you on a tour that circumnavigates the entire island, giving you expansive views of the steep jungle slopes of Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu from all sides. Whether this is your first visit or the continuation of a lifelong obsession with this idyllic tropical archipelago, this Tahitian cruise offers double the fun, relaxation and romance.

This 29-day back-to-back cruise offers more than 20 port stops in Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland, Isle of Man, UK, Norway, the Faroe Islands (Denmark) and Iceland. With extra days spent in Bordeaux, France and Kirkwall, Scotland, so you have additional time for French cooking classes, vineyard visits, Scottish whisky samples and Iron Age archaeological site visits. Other excursion opportunities include exploring the labyrinth-like streets inside the walls of the abbey at Mont St. Michel, France, learning how to pour a perfect pint of stout in the Gravity Sky Bar above the historic Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland, and riding a cable car to the summit of Ulriken Mountain, the highest of the seven peaks above the port city of Bergen, Norway.

Escape the summer crowds on this autumn adventure through western France, Portugal, and Spain. With 20 days ahead, you have time to relax on sunny Costa del Sol beaches, follow the explorers to highlights along Portugal’s coast, and sip fine wines in France’s most famous vineyards. Tune your ear and your taste buds to the diverse cultures you encounter, from the Basque Lands to Celtic Brittany to Andalusia’s Moorish influence. And discover you can have delightful adventures even as your small white ship draws envious glances wherever you go.

Lisbon to Rome - 18 Days

Cast off from Lisbon, the extreme western edge of Europe, and sail away to Rome, the center of Ancient Western Civilization during this 18-day cruise that touches on ports in Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, France, Monaco, and Italy. It’s a memorable and romantic journey packed with multitudes of options like panoramic cable car rides to the upper rock of Gibraltar and the Neolithic artifacts of St. Michael’s Cave. Sample award-winning local wines at the family-owned Bodegas Valle de Laujar Winery near Almeria, Spain. Or board a private chartered boat that follows the coastline of Italy’s famed Cinque Terra and lands at the rustic, vehicle-free village of Vernazza.

Sensory splendors abound among art, architecture and cultures throughout this region from Portugal to Morocco, Spain, Corsica and Italy.Steaming fresh spearmint Maghrebi tea fills your mouth as the din of the Kasbah’s hawkers and shoppers swirls and sweeps past you like tendrils of honey-laced tobacco smoke from bubbling Shisha pipes. Gaze skyward at intricate, stone-carved arabesque detailing across the imposing walls of Grenada’s Alhambra Palace. Trace your fingers across the smooth rock surfaces of stone circles hewn by Bronze Age artisans and rounded by centuries of weather in Southern Corsica’s Porto-Vecchio. Whether you’re traveling with family or making new friends, discoveries abound in both small ports and among familiar UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Indulge in red or white wines pressed from distinctive ansonica, vermentino and aleatico grapes and aged among Elba’s oldest stone cellars. Your journey concludes among Rome’s architectural contrasts, where you can shop for high fashion among alluring boutiques and refreshing fountains in the Piazza di Spagna, or lose yourself in reflection among the brooding limestone ruins that once defined the ancient world’s epicenter.

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