Star Collector Cruise Voyages

Back to Back Cruises with FREE Laundry

Star Collector Voyages combine some of our most popular cruise itineraries for a more in-depth exploration of each region. Featuring longer voyages of 13+ days and few repeated ports, take advantage of your time here and unpack only once. Travel the world spending more time sampling exotic cuisines, immersing yourself in new cultures, and discovering perspectives that open your heart and return home with a soul fulfilled.

All Star Collector Voyages feature FREE daily laundry, so you can travel light and come home with a well-traveled suitcase and one less chore.

Lisbon to Barcelona - 51 Days

Accomplishments of a lifetime deserve vacations of a lifetime, and this 51-day day cruise spanning the length of the Mediterranean is a perfect reward for milestones big and small. Depart from Lisbon and sail down the Atlantic side of the Iberian Peninsula where you’ll learn terroir secrets and the long history of sherry aging and sample dry, bready “fino” and dark, nutty “oloroso” sherries in the countryside outside Cadiz, Spain. Admire colorful mosaics and detailed stone latticework as you learn about kings and caliphs tied to the Moorish palace of the Alhambra above the port city of Almeria. Wander a medieval castle in Catania and learn how geology and nearby Mount Etna carried this coastal fortification nearly a mile inland. Listen to a private concert and attend an exclusive dinner among the towering pillars of the Celsus Library in the ruins of Ephesus, Turkey in our complimentary Destination Discovery Event. Wander the ancient baths, markets and forum at the excavated archaeological site of Pompeii. Stroll between century-old olive trees and vineyards surrounding an old French farmhouse outside Sanary-sur-Mer, then sample wines and olive oils in the intimate company of winery staff. Your epic odyssey ultimately concludes in the Catalonian capital of Barcelona, where you can board a cable car bound for Montjuïc Castle, or wind your way along Las Ramblas, an iconic, pedestrian mall lined with tapas bars, small shops and kiosk vendors. It’s an ideal way to find your own space to sip Catalonian Grenache red wine and reflect on your journey while tourists, shoppers and families flow by your table.

Complimentary Destination Discovery EventKusadasi: Evening in Ephesus

Vancouver to San Juan - 39 Days

Take the full measure of the Americas as you explore North America’s vibrant West Coast, Central America’s man-made and natural wonders, and South America’s colonial and pre-Colombian legacy. Dine and sip your way down the U.S. West Coast, treating your palate to fine wines, flavorful microbrews and tastebud-thrilling Baja Med cuisine. Discover amazing nature sanctuaries from Jacques Cousteau’s favorite Sea of Cortez to Costa Rica’s wildlife-rich jungles. Cross the Panama Canal as only a small ship can, with the great gates looming up above. And investigate everything from Mayan ruins to colonial capitals, breathtaking beaches to remote Indian villages.

Nibble on briny Portuguese salt cod or spicy chouriço sausage as you relax among sundrenched tables at an uncrowded Lisbon sidewalk café. Cross the Atlantic with time to relax and connect. Take in Antiqua’s circumference from a seagull’s perspective during a high-flying helicopter tour of bright beaches, submerged reefs and unoccupied coastal outcroppings. Ride horseback along the surf and white sand in Aruba. Scrutinize the deep green luster of newly cut emeralds as jewelry artisans reveal the secrets of Colombia’s historic gem mining industry. Meet Panama’s Embera tribe and learn about their traditions and beliefs during a tour of the Embera Quera village along the lush banks of Panama’s Gatun Lake. Search a shady rainforest canopy for 3-toed sloths and rare white-faced capuchin primates in Costa Rica’s Manuel Antonio National Park. This exceptional cruise ends in Puerto Caldera, not far from the Costa Rican capital of San Jose, where you’ll discover land tour opportunities for trips to nearby rainforests and the green turtle nesting sites in Tortuguero National Park.

Yokohama (Tokyo) to Vancouver - 28 Days

Spend 27 exhilarating days on both sides of the International Date Line among North American wildlife like bears, moose and caribou, calving glaciers in the Tracy and Endicott Arms, and stunning Japanese parks including the crater lake in Akan National Park in Kushiro. Your memorable Pacific port stops include Vancouver, Canada, 11 visits throughout Alaska and the Aleutians, and the final three stops on the other side of the international date line in Kushiro, Miyako, and Tokyo, Japan.

A perfect blend of antiquity and artistry, this 14-day cruise sails from the ancient ruins of Athens and makes a dozen port stops in Greece, Italy and France before disembarking among the contemporary architecture and gleaming, cosmopolitan wonders of Barcelona, Spain. Stroll the narrow streets inside the concealed medieval walls of Monemvasia, Greece and take an exhilarating tour of Corsica’s narrow winding coastal roads outside Calvi, France. From the Greek and Roman funerary steles - ancient marble reliefs depicting venerable people engaged in everyday life - to the vibrant and radiant impressionist paintings and dizzying mosaics of Antoni Gaudí’s Barcelona architecture, this is an ideal journey for passionate historians, art lovers and all seeking unforgettable cultural immersion.

The allure of the Adriatic beckons to both new and seasoned travelers for its unspoiled shorelines and panoramic vistas. While the views from Santorini’s turquoise-topped domes are among the most celebrated in the world, don’t linger long or you’ll miss sailing on a catamaran to the volcanic islands of Nea Kameni and Palea Kamini, or even hiking above the famous steaming, sulfurous volcanic vents. Graze on lightly toasted Monopoli bread topped with roasted peppers and tangy, tobacco-flavored sundried tomato paté, which pairs perfectly with Puglia’s full-bodied Salice Salentino DOC red wines. Soar skyward as a cable car carries you to the sweeping vistas high above the red, terracotta-topped buildings of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Discover the beauty and cultural heritage interwoven with Zadar’s ‘white gold’ Pag lace, then test your skills at lacemaking under the guidance of a skilled Croatian artisan. Walk along the Venetian-styled piazzas of Venice -- romantic settings for countless films -- or float along the narrow canals as you’re serenaded by a gondolier. Sample Montenegro organic olive oils at a family-run estate in the rural countryside outside the village of Tici. Your cruise eventually winds around and up the Italian western coastline to Rome, the former center of ancient Western Civilization. Wander between the arches and broken walls of the Colosseum, or walk among the dead in the narrow corridors in the Catacombs of Rome. Before considering airline connections or adventures on other continents, toss a coin from your right hand over your left shoulder into the Trevi Fountain, so that you’re guaranteed to revisit the charms of the Italian capital in your near future.

Indulge in a relaxing, 3-week transition from Caribbean tropical drinks and spicy grilled chicken to Old World tawny ports and cumin-infused Moroccan lamb shanks during this globetrotting cruise that combines a relaxing transatlantic crossing with lesser-traveled stops throughout Portugal, Morocco and Spain’s remote Canary Islands. Savor high seas coffee breaks and conversations with the Captain. Sample ports and favorite local Portuguese wines in storied wineries not far from Portimao Harbor in Southern Portugal. Spend an evening ashore during an overnight port stay in Funchal, where you can wander the cobbled streets of the Old Town, learn the importance of Madeira wines in the age of cannon and sail, and taste traditional teas, flakey scones, and sweet cakes at the storied Hotel Reids. Ride camels through the lunar-like landscape surrounding volcanic Fire Mountain near Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. Discover how argan oil is handcrafted and pressed by skilled Moroccan artisans, then lose yourself among the din and rich aromas in the open-air Berber market of Souk Al Had. After thousands of nautical miles this exceptional journey eventually concludes in Lisbon, where you’re surrounded by antique winery barrel barges, sidewalk cafés, and famed yellow trams waiting to take you to famed Alfama District haunts or uncrowded neighborhood vistas.

Barcelona to Lisbon - 15 Days

While Windstar specializes in finding little-known destinations far from the crowd, you’ll find similar solitude among Europe’s most popular destinations during this off-peak, 15-day cruise of the Rivieras and Eastern Atlantic. Wander unimpeded through neo- Baroque exhibits in Barcelona and Palamos, and skip the wait times at sidewalk cafés and seaside restaurants throughout Southern France and Spain. The comfortable autumn climate makes sunny walking tours in places like St. Tropez, Tangier, Tarragona and Nice’s Old Town still feel like late summer, but the paths, parks and cobblestone streets largely are all your own. The warm afterglow still lingers along Spain’s Ibiza coastline, so have your swimwear ready for kayaking and pack your shorts for riding Segways on tours of Cartagena’s Spanish castles and fortifications.

Barcelona to Rome - 17 Days

Indulge in unhurried pleasures among steep coastal cliffs, tiny vineyards and romantic villages throughout the Rivieras and Western Italy during this 17-day, autumn cruise. During the fall winemakers are racking fresh wine into barrels, and new olive oils are sampled for the first time. Stroll uncrowded avenues and discover fresh, distinctly nutty porcini mushrooms served fresh on pastas and sautéed into tapas at sidewalk cafés, browse open markets and inhale the fall aromas from ripe apples, plump grapes and early season citrus. Test your luck in a Monte Carlo casino, hike the desolate Crateri Silvestri on the southeast slope of Sicily’s Mount Etna, and learn about Malta’s noble heritage inside the precipitous medieval walls of 4,000-year-old Mdina — The Silent City.

Europe’s summer days are longest and most scenic along the coastlines of Scandinavia, Russia, Scotland and Iceland. Discover this unique seasonal beauty as fjords and pristine archipelagos meander past your cabin window late into the evening twilight. Pedal past tree-lined streets and pastel-painted homes in the archipelago town of Mariehamn, a Finnish island capital where nearly 90% of residents speak Swedish. Sample reindeer sausage or try fresh, tart lingonberries paired with smooth and velvety local ice cream in Helsinki’s numerous eateries and cafés. Stay overnight in St. Petersburg near the opulence and alabaster elegance of the Winter Palace, or test your endurance among Hermitage Museum’s three million exhibit items, a display tally second only to the Louvre. Master the Estonian art of fine chocolate confectionaries as you create mouthwatering truffle fillings under the tutelage of a Master Confectioner in Tallinn’s Rottermann Quarter. Admire expansive waterfalls and Norwegian natural settings as you wander among quiet, fern-topped cabins in the misty village of Hellesylt. Examine Iron Age artifacts near the craggy, windswept expanses surrounding the village of Lerwick, in the Shetland Islands, or sit with a frothy pint of ale among locals in a wood-paneled pub. Your extensive exploration of Northern Europe concludes in Reykjavik, with its steaming fissures and brooding volcanoes. Browse Edward Munch sketches and local artists’ works at the National Gallery of Iceland or discover a quiet café and drink in the warmth of fresh coffee and sincere Icelandic hospitality.

Crane your neck skyward to catch glimpses of rare birds and primate flittering among Lembar Lombok’s jungle canopy. Brush by colorful trinkets and clothing among the cluttered confines of Probolinggo’s tiny shops. Sip fruity tropical beverages with smoldering Mount Bromo as a backdrop. Meander between exhibits and precious archaeological artifacts inside the cool galleries of Jakarta’s National Museum of Indonesia. Inhale the fragrance and wonder among the largest collection of orchids in Singapore’s Botanic Gardens. Learn firsthand about the struggles for independence in former North Borneo during an intimate and personalized tour of Kota Kinabalu’s Heritage Walk. Grip the reigns of a water buffalo among rice paddies near Boracay in the Philippines. Then snorkel and drift between pristine coral reefs and vibrant-colored schools of tropical fish off the shores of the Hundred Islands. Your adventure concludes beneath Hong Kong’s sparkling skyline, where you lose yourself among the world’s best shopping opportunities, or admire the views of Victoria Harbour from either the precipitous Peak Tower or aboard a tour boat transiting the busy shipping channels.

Embark on your personal Homeric odyssey as you sail from Athens, cradle of Western Civilization, and explore the islands and shorelines throughout Greece, Asia Minor, Croatia and Italy. Board a small Mykonos boat and explore the remote temples and amphitheater on uninhabited Delos, a sacred place where ancient Greeks honored the mythical birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. Discover authentic preparation techniques for fried Greek meatballs and tart, creamy tzatziki under the guidance of a Rhodes taverna chef. Walk in the steps of ancient kings as you inspect the living quarters, storerooms and archaeological exhibits throughout the Palace of Knossos near Agios Nikolaos. Catch a Zadar sailboat bound for a 5th century fishing port on the island of Ošljak and pristine archipelago stops in the Adriatic Sea. This delicious and delightful journey concludes among the canals and piazzas of Venice, where you can experience the classic and timeless romance of being serenaded by your gondolier along the Noale or Grand Canals that connect over 100 tiny islets throughout the Venetian city.

Complimentary Destination Discovery Event • Kusadasi: Evening in Ephesus

Bridgetown to Puerto Caldera - 18 Days

Enjoy three extraordinary vacations in one: A Caribbean beach escape, a historic Panama Canal transit, and a Costa Rican rainforest adventure. Watch Wind Star’s billowing white sails unfurl as you sail between small-ship exclusives like Bequia and Mayreau. Join the parade of ships entering the Panama Canal, with plenty of room on deck and quick access between vantage points. Step off a Zodiac onto a private beach fragrant with roasting barbecue and bursting with possibilities. And discover Costa Rica’s incredible biodiversity as you hike deep into the rainforest with thick humus muffling your footsteps and undiscovered species tantalizingly close.

Bask among the Caribbean’s favorite beaches and attractions before relaxing on a transatlantic crossing so you’re rested and ready for European excursions. Throttle up as tropical greenery and natural beauty sweep past your ATV near Monterrat’s Foxes Bay. Float down a refreshing river on a tube near Roseau, Dominica. Dive among coral, crab, cowfish and clown wrasse in a pristine marine reserve with professional guides near Casteries, St. Lucia. Lift a paddle blade as you explore St. George’s unclouded coastal waters in a clear-bottomed kayaking adventure. Stroll the halls of Pagerie Habitation near Martinique’s Anse Mitan, the former childhood plantation of Empress Josephine before she left for France and married Napoleon. Board a private sailboat bound for a remote bay for secluded swimming and snorkeling paired outside of Les Saintes, Guadeloupe. With so many excursions available, this cruise is a perfect way to transition into the relaxing days during your crossing to Lisbon, Portugal.

Bridgetown to Bridgetown - 14 Days

Enjoy two weeks indulging in the yachting lifestyle as you explore new ports each day throughout the delectable Caribbean Islands from Barbados. Visit more enticing places over the course of your voyage, and stay late into the evenings allowing for in-depth adventures. Point the bow to yachting favorites like Pigeon Island, St. George’s, and Bequia. Go places that appear on very few Caribbean cruise itineraries like the modern-day Pompeii of Montserrat. Enjoy two of  Windstar's exclusive Signature Beach Parties and two Signature Onboard Barbecues.

Lisbon to St. Maarten - 20 Days

Days of bliss crossing the Atlantic are followed by the carefree spirit of the Caribbean. You can look forward to doing what you want when you want all under the care of your ship’s attentive crew. Order room service for breakfast in bed or find a quiet corner to curl up with your book and drift to sleep with the rocking of the ship. Arrive in St. John’s refreshed and energized to introduce yourself to each unique port of call. You’ll want to keep a journal to savor your memories of pristine beaches, sparkling clear waters, friendly people and charming towns like Gustavia and Les Saintes enough to beckon you back another time.

St. Maarten to St. Maarten - 14 Days

Skip the usual Caribbean cruise stops and discover the small harbors, overlooked havens and most remote secrets among the Leeward Islands. Whether you’re looking for hidden shops, sampling new cuisine or seeking a local place to sip rum cocktails over the melodic beat of steel drums, this highly personalized adventure is an intimate opportunity to familiarize yourself with the lesser-known charms of Les Saintes, Anse Mitan, Pigeon Island and much more.

Ditch the rushed cacophony of everyday life for a more relaxed tempo that leaves you in Lisbon feeling rested and refreshed. This 3-week cruise through the Caribbean and across the Atlantic is the perfect means of reconnecting with friends and loved ones during relaxing sea days and unforgettable shore excursions. Take a scenic drive to Harrison’s Cave near Bridgetown.  Snorkel the clear waters around St. George’s or Bequia, and watch the dramatic twin Pitons grow as you approach St. Lucia. When you arrive well rested in Lisbon, you’ll be ready to wander Moorish castles, sample rich red port wines and take in the busy seagoing sites along Portugal’s historic Tagus River.

Bridgetown to Barcelona - 23 Days

Ideal for anyone seeking equal portions of relaxing time at sea and port visits, this 22-day transatlantic crossing features a combination of leisurely, uninterrupted sea crossing time balanced with the best ports in the Western Mediterranean. Board in Barbados, then spend time crossing the Atlantic and enjoying the romance of sailing as you make your way to your ultimate destination. Sip port wines in Lisbon, Portugal, browse wares in the bustling Grand Souk in Tangier, Morocco, and wander the medieval cobbled streets of Tarragona, Spain.

San Juan to San Juan - 14 Days

Indulge your passion for nature as you seek out unique wildlife among the more than 170 bird species in the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge, or glide high into the trees in an open-air gondola above a Pigeon Island rainforest reserve on St. Lucia. Take SCUBA lessons in St. George’s, then swim with sea turtles and schools of gleaming fish, or snorkel through a myriad of ascending geothermal bubbles off Champagne Beach in Dominica. Browse one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry, local artwork and unique island apparel in the brightly-painted shops of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Take in trendy boutiques and find that perfect silk top or summer dress in Gustavia, St. Barts. Sip tangy, rum-infused fruit cocktails among the effervescent nightlife of countless cantinas or find your own secluded corner of a quiet beach for extended moments of reflection. No matter how you decide to explore, every moment of this memorable Antilles adventure is time well spent.

Explore the breadth and depth of Southeast Asia’s attractions on this grand sweep of the South China Sea. Vietnam’s wild beauty and tumultuous history are on display during overnight stays in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Hanoi. Soak up Malaysia’s colorful culture as you taste Malay-Chinese fusion food in Penang and visit a traditional kampong house in Malacca. Discover world-class snorkeling in the Philippines archipelago, hidden away in places like Busuanga Island and Hundred Islands that only small ships like Star Legend can reach.

While many European cruises focus on voyages in either the north or south of Europe, this 18-day journey sets a course for the extraordinary, touching small ports and famous landmarks throughout Europe, with ample time to explore cultural contrasts and culinary indulgences. Sail from Portsmouth across the channel to Bruges, where you can wander canal-lined cobblestone streets and sample decadent Belgian chocolates and exceptional ales from storied Trappist breweries. Explore German D-Day defenses and World War II armaments in Cherbourg, France. Meander amid the green, windswept expanses of El Ferrol and sip tart, Galician wines paired with warm Empanada, a rich pastry stuffed with salt cod, scallops and clams. Browse silks, handmade leather and polished brass trinkets among the colorful clutter of market stalls in Casablanca. Discover the delicious differences between biologically aged and oxidatively aged Sherries during wine tastings in Cadiz, the centuries-old epicenter of the Sherry world. Stay out late in Seville during an overnight port stay and sample tapas paired with robust, spicy red wines and rhythmic flamenco music. Ride to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar and take in the views of the busy shipping traffic and the distant African continent. Your remarkable journey concludes in cosmopolitan Barcelona, where you can wander among vendors and street performers, Las Ramblas, or make your way to the summit of Carmel Hill, to admire Antoni Gaudi’s colorful mosaics, distinct sculptures and unique architecture at Park Güell.

Roam between the broken monoliths and columns in the Roman Forum, Western Civilization’s former epicenter. Gaze across Catania’s umber-hued, terracotta-tiled skyline to the steaming summit of Mount Etna as you sample authentic Sicilian dishes like densely textured handmade pasta topped with aromatic variations like sundried tomatoes, golden-brown dried grapes, fresh basil and minced garlic. This exquisite cruise around Italy’s Apennine Peninsula is abundant in opportunities to explore the lesser-known landmarks and narrow ancient streets of sleepy villages throughout the central Mediterranean. Sip citrus-sweet limoncello from frosty glasses while locals haggle over the proximities of their bocce balls on nearby gravel courts. Land at the tiny port of Lipari in the Aeolian Islands north of Sicily, and explore a Norman Castle built in medieval times, or master the art of Sicilian-style pizzas as you combine local ingredients into your own culinary creation. Step inside the cool and shady Romanesque splendor of Kotor Cathedral in Montenegro, or venture to the nearby pedestrian-only village of Perast and sample sweets recreated from Baroque-era recipes. Capture the Old World ambiance of Split’s Diocletian Palace in the right light during a hands-on photo tour with an award-winning international photojournalist. Your delightful journey concludes in Venice among romantic gondolas and exquisite Italian architecture, where you can reflect on your cruise memories as you float canals or search for last-minute souvenirs small, family-owned artisan shops featuring handcrafted glassware and ornamental metalwork.

Listen for Edinburgh’s One-o’clock gun, the same one captains used to set their sailing ship clocks, then set sail for the Scottish fishing village of Ullapool, a highly regarded debarkation point for Highland wildlife enthusiasts, moorland backpackers and heathland naturalists. Raise an amber dram of whisky in a Glasgow distillery, chased by a pint of dark, stout ale inside Dublin’s Guinness Storehouse. Learn Welsh traditions in the tiny coastal village of Fishguard and discover seaweed-rich laverbread, meat-filled shepherd’s pies and cheesy Welsh rarebit. Wander the Tower of London and see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. Bike beside Bruges’ placid canals and colorful parks. Sample freshly-made ice cream from Jersey cows near St. Helier in the Channel Islands. This magnificent journey eventually concludes among the colorful shops and one-of-a-kind restaurants in Lisbon, Portugal. Take a side trip to explore Pena Palace, a captivating and colorful architectural monument to the Romanticism, or stay local and sample Ports and Madeira as the nearby Tagus River gently flows toward the Atlantic

Find the best of the worlds of relaxation, discovery and travel. Let yourself unwind on the transatlantic days at sea, reading, taking advantage of the WindSpa and Fitness Center amenities, making new friends and feasting on new culinary delights and personal favorites. Arrive in Barbados refreshed and ready to discover the wonders the Caribbean Islands invite you to experience. Find the UNESCO sites of Historic Bridgetown and the Garrison, full of historical significance. Let the nutmeg aroma fill your senses as you wander the spice markets of Grenada, Discover the graceful flamingos on the beaches of Bonaire and pick your favorite carved door in Aruba. Come on a journey of do as you please when you please and create authentic and unforgettable experiences along the way.

Experience the best Western Mediterranean ports in detail during this 15-day cruise through Monaco, France, Spain, Gibraltar, and Portugal. Stroll among opulent casinos, high-end boutiques, and historic Formula One landmarks in Monte Carlo. Sip wormwood-based absinthe in the French village of Antibes outside of Cannes. Or meander among the dusky walls and long shadows in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, taking in the aromas, sights and sounds of the Catalonian heart of Spain.

Explore the finest small ports in Scotland, Norway, and the Faroe Islands (Denmark) before circumnavigating Iceland on this 18-day summertime adventure from Edinburgh to Reykjavik. Your first 11 days cover the shorelines of Scotland and Norway, stopping off to see Denmark’s Faroe Islands. The following week explores Iceland’s majestic fjords, imposing volcanoes and remote rocky reaches. Discover the challenges faced by Iron Age communities near Kirkwall, Scotland, sample almond ring cake and other Norwegian culinary delights at a historic farm near Bergen, Norway, and kayak among sea birds and urban artistry in Alesund, Norway. Iceland excursions include flights above waterfalls and volcanoes on Heimaey Island, detailed archaeological examinations of a medieval farm near Seydisfjordur, and relaxing moments immersed in the natural geothermal waters of the Myvatn Nature Baths outside Akureyri.

Bangkok to Tokyo - 47 Days

Take the full measure of East Asia’s charms on this 47-day voyage as you lounge on the spectacular beaches of the Philippines, sample Malaysia’s delectable cuisines, explore China’s treasure trove of history, and take in Japan’s stunning shrines and gardens. Rare ports like Ko Kut, Thailand, and Tamano, Japan, alternate with leisurely overnights in exotic favorites like Phuket, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Manila and Busan. With just enough sea days to let you catch your breath (never more than two in a row), this port-intensive journey shows you Asia as few ever see it.

Beijing (Tianjin) to Bangkok - 23 Days

Stroll beneath the gates leading to Beijing’s Forbidden City. Sample China’s Tsingtao Beer as you tour the original, century-old brewery founded by German immigrants. Ride a water ox carriage along the village streets on Ishigaki Island in Japan. Step aboard the fastest elevator in the world as you soar to the observation deck on the 89th floor of Taipei 101, the second tallest building in the world, or sit back and enjoy a quiet moment at a Chinese Kong Fu tea ceremony. Take in the glittering cityscape of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour from the Peak Tram Station. Ride a rickshaw through the clamorous cityscape of Da Nang, Vietnam or steep yourself in the dramatic history of the My Son Sanctuary, dating back to the 4th century. This exceptional journey concludes in Bangkok, Thailand, where you can remain in port for traditional Thai food or daringly different dishes like fried duck beaks or crunchy, black scorpions on a stick.

Rich with evocative history, unique culture and distinct cuisine, today’s Iberian Peninsula is the result of a complex confluence of civilizations. Contrast this extraordinary region with the rest of Southern Europe during this 18-day cruise spanning nearly the length of the Mediterranean Sea. Admire Moorish architectural influences in the walled port of Cadiz as you compare bready and clear regional ‘fino’ sherries with sweet, ‘cream’ sherries. Soar skyward in a gondola to the scenic vista atop Gibraltar summit. Gaze up at the towering walls of the Alcazaba of Almería, a formidable Moorish fortress overlooking the tiny Andalucian port. Peruse the works of Gaudí, Dalí, and Picasso throughout Barcelona’s museums, galleries and exhibitions. Pair authentic Italian cuisine with lip-puckering Limoncello adjacent to a bustling piazza or quiet, cobblestoned Amalfi side street. Witness the power of geologic instability as you travel inland to explore Catania’s Castello Ursino, a Medieval-era castle initially built on Sicily’s coastline 800 years ago. Float across the mirrored surface of an underground lake in the Caves of Diros far below Gythion, Greece. This exceptional journey concludes in Athens among the shadows of the towering Acropolis, where you can raise a glass of anise-scented ouzo among the company of family and friends.

St. Maarten to St. Maarten - 56 Days

Explore the depth and breadth of the Caribbean on this 56-day odyssey, from tiny yachtsmen’s favorites to glitzy celebrity getaways, historic colonial towns to the incredible Panama Canal. Go cave tubing in Belize and windsurfing off Bonaire. Snorkel with friendly sea turtles and rays in waters as clear as glass. Climb the battlements of colonial forts and the arrowhead peak of Gros Piton in St. Lucia. It’s the ultimate cruise, circling the Caribbean discovering the brilliant colors, textures and fascinating history found here.

Indulge in delicious meals, breathtaking scenery and unforgettable excursions during this epic 65-day cruise that explores Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and many memorable Caribbean ports. From calving Alaska glaciers to steamy Colombian jungles, this grand journey covers more than 60 degrees of latitude, but Windstar touches like the Watersports Platform and daily complimentary laundry service keep you relaxed and ready for adventures. Explore Mayan ruins, taste California wines, transit the Panama Canal transit, sport fish in the Sea of Cortez, soar into Costa Rica’s lush rainforest, shop Mexico’s open markets and relax on white Caribbean beaches during this unique journey.

St. Maarten to St. Maarten - 17 Days

Savor grilled chicken marinated in tart lime blended with hot chilies and fragrant ginger. Calypso melodies backed by the warm, bright pulse of steel drums. This 17-day Caribbean cruise throughout the Lesser Antilles islands is rich in sensory indulgences that go beyond orange sunsets and whispering palm fronds tousled by trade winds. Set sail from Philipsburg’s pastel-painted shops and boutiques to Antiqua’s horseshoe-shaped Falmouth Harbour, where you can golf, zip line or hike high above this tiny port. Swim with dolphins or ride a catamaran that takes you from Tortola’s Soper’s Hole to Norman Island, the inspirational setting for Robert Lewis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Dance or dine late into warm evenings during later stays in Antigua and St. Barts. Seek out green turtles, a shipwreck and brightly colored tropical fish from the windows of a semi-submersible near Gustavia’s St. Barts Marine Park. Drift by the Buried City ruins of Plymouth near Little Bay. Grab a tube and float gentle river currents near Roseau. Ascend into the green rainforest canopy on an aerial tram near Casteries, St. Lucia. Snorkel among coral, small shellfish and dizzying tropical fish schools near Bequia. This remarkable journey concludes in Philipsburg, St. Maarten, where you can shop Front Street’s designer fashions, or take a tour of St. Maarten Island and taste distinct French cuisine like foie gras and escargot paired with Burgundian wines.

Make the most of every European moment during a delightful journey that touches on 11 countries throughout the north and west. Walk among the restless, unrelenting push of prevailing westerly sea breezes that ruffle the Galician vineyard vines today but protected El Ferrol and the Castle of San Felipe from centuries of seafaring invaders and blockades. Explore the shadowy recesses of German bunkers, detailed World War II exhibits and heart-rending memorials in St.-Malo, France. Indulge in deliciously decadent cheeses from world-renowned Jersey cow dairies outside St. Helier on the Channel Islands. Admire classic masterpieces in Bruge’s famed Museum St. Janshospital, then sample rich Belgian chocolates and tart Trappist ales. Ride sturdy bikes along Amsterdam’s cobblestone paths, past quiet canals and open markets, before snacking on salty fish paired with sharp pickles and aromatic onions at local herring carts. Make a leisurely transit of the Kiel Canal, tracing pastoral Eider Plain farmland, and enjoy perspectives inaccessible to large conventional cruise ships. Sip coffee paired with mouth-watering chocolate desserts in Copenhagen’s scenic Tivoli Gardens, among stalls and pavilions that have been around since 1843. Linger amid Russia’s largest French art collection and the Faberge Coronation Easter Egg during an overnight in St. Petersburg. This exploration of the Atlantic and Baltic coastlines concludes among the modern splendors of Stockholm, where you can marvel at the restoration of a 17th Century warship and other maritime exhibits in the Vasa Museum, learn about human advancements at the Nobel Museum, or sample the delicate flavors of Gravlax, thinly-sliced dill-cured salmon at one of the innumerable charming waterfront cafés.

Explore sundrenched beaches, windswept cliffs, and celebrated canals along the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal beckons with achingly beautiful fado folk music, creating the soundtrack of your days exploring twisting alleyways, outdoor cafés, towering sea cliffs, and sampling local Port and Madeira wine on an overnight in Funchal. Reminiscent of its namesake, witness the whistled speech of locals in the Canary Islands, visit the lush cloudforest of Garajonay National Park and feel the sand between your toes at San Cristóbal de La Laguna and Teide National Park. Journey north to soak up Morocco’s eccentricities—from goats in trees (really), to the vibrant colors and scents of exotic spices in the storied souks of Agadir. Make your own pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain and discover the beauty of Mont St. Michel with a stop to sample the famed French oysters of Cancale. Explore Norman villages in search of the famous Bayeux Tapestry, a “Memory of the World,” or take in war history at the D-Day beaches of Normandy. Your adventure concludes with a toast to fine Belgian beer and chocolate in Bruges, and exploring canals while cycling the museum-filled streets of Amsterdam.

Barcelona to Athens - 20 Days

Discover magic moments unique to extended port stays during this 20-day cruise tracing the sundrenched coastlines and reclusive ports throughout Spain, Italy, Malta, Greece and Turkey. Wander along the long the curved walls of circular Bellver Castle outside Palma de Mallorca, or dine on tapas made from toasted bread topped with salty hams, capers, anchovies and more. Board a private Amalfi boat bound for the Moorish port of Positano, a remote haven for artists, artisans and discerning shoppers seeking one-of-a-kind stylish apparel and accessories. Wind your way through narrow, alabaster passages intertwining the outskirts of Mykonos before stopping for refreshing Greek beers at a late-night waterfront café. Step among broken statues in the former ancient port of Ephesus and dine by moonlight by the towering columns of the Celsus Library. Delve into the legendary labyrinth of the mythological Minotaur below the Minoan Palace of Knossos. Follow the aroma of fresh breads and local wines throughout the flagstone arterials of the tiny medieval village of Monemvasia. This remarkable extended odyssey ends in Athens, where you can revisit the Parthenon at the top of the Acropolis or seek out savory gyros, dolmades and keftethes among the dozens of eateries and cafés throughout the thriving capital.

Complimentary Destination Discovery Event • Kusadasi: Evening in Ephesus

Barcelona to Venice - 15 Days

Discover the culture, history and cuisine on both sides of the Italian peninsula during this 15-day cruise of the Adriatic, Ionian, Ligurian and Tyrrhenian seas. This back-to-back cruise is ideal for optimizing shore excursion time in Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Monaco, France, and Spain. Stroll through Roman ruins in Rovinj, Croatia, sample olives and smoked hams at a centuries-old family farm in Montenegro, or savor an unforgettably romantic evening dinner at Château Eza in Èze 1,400 feet above the beaches of the French Riviera.

Reykjavik to Dublin - 18 Days

Savor 19 days of sailing and adventures among the northern latitudes of Ireland, Isle of Man, UK, Norway, Faroe Islands (Denmark) and Iceland in this exceptional journey featuring 15 stops in diverse and scenic settings that range from remote fishing villages to bustling seaports. Wander the windswept northern Scottish reaches once inhabited by Iron Age families outside of Kirkwall. Watch nesting sea birds and listen to the calls of grey seals along the coastline of Spanish Head on the Isle of Man. And step inside the Rosenkrantz Tower at Saint Mary’s Church in Bergen, recognized as the finest example of Romanesque architecture in Norway. In Reykjavik, Iceland you can visit the stately white Höfdi House where Ronald Regan and Mikhail Gorbachev discussed peace in 1986 before sampling Icelandic meat soup at the Viking World Museum.

San Juan to San Juan - 14 Days

Whether you’re passionate about swimming among rarely seen undersea wildlife or the intricate cultures and intertwined European histories of the Windward Islands, this 2-week cruise offers the best combinations of charm, island heritage and natural beauty. Shop unique designer apparel in St. Barts, where you’ll discover a fashionable confluence of high-end brands normally associated with places like Madison Avenue, but displayed in an ambiance that’s anything but intimidating. Stare in wonder at the glow from miniscule bioluminescent organisms stirred by your kayak paddle during a tour of the Fajardo Bio Bay nature reserve near San Juan. Master the art of cooking with distinct spices like nutmeg, cloves, and allspice in authentic Caribbean cuisine while taking direction from a highly-skilled native chef in Philipsburg. This Caribbean getaway is the perfect duration for lovers of island life and those who want to spend more time exploring the Windward Islands overlooked by other cruise lines.

Drift the Singapore River and ponder side-by-side contrasts and cultural splendors between silver skyscrapers, green gardens and squat, red-roof family shops. Stay late with the locals among the palms and neon-lit restaurants and nightspots throughout Phuket’s Patong Bay. Walk along the shady stretches of the Kuala Lumpur Forest Eco Park, one of Malaysia’s oldest forest reserves and the only tropical rainforest within a city of nearly two million souls. Explore the Dutch Trail and Malacca’s oldest surviving structures, including the 1511 ruins of Porta de Santiago. Watch rare tropical birds warily tread near massive Komodo lizards, the largest living amphibians on the planet, in Loh Liang’s Komodo National Park. This exceptional journey concludes in Benoa, Bali, where you can wander wide, sandy beaches, sample shrimp and snapper in the shade of a thatched-roof coastal restaurant, or make your way inland to watch dances near the elaborate Hindu sculptures in Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park.

Embark on your adventure with a climb up Lisbon’s scenic hillsides in the turn-of-the-century funiculars. Then descend into the mysteries of Morocco for a magical day in Marrakech and the Hassan Mosque of Casablanca. Discover rare species in Spain’s Sierra de Grazalema and los Alcornocales parks and sip sherry in Cádiz. An overnight in Seville brings opportunities to visit the incredible Alcazar Palace or see flamenco and take in late-night tapas. Hear the call of the monkeys near the Rock of Gibraltar and explore Picasso’s home town of Malaga along the Costa del Sol. From beautiful Motril travel to the famous Alhambra before making your way to vibrant Barcelona to see the inspiring work of Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia and the Gothic Quarter. The artists trail does not stop here.  Continue on to Palamos to visit the Dali Theatre & Museum, then relax on the beach at the sunniest place in France, Sanary-sur-Mer. Witness the glamour of Monte Carlo at the Grand Casino and Royal Palace, and stroll the Avenue of the Stars in Cannes, the chic epicenter of the French Riviera. Reach the Italian Riviera to climb up to the 15th century castle or sip cappuccino at the marina in Portofino. Experience Portoferraio’s Tuscan Park Biosphere Reserve and view the charming 91-mile coastline. With a finale in Rome, the Vatican, St. Peter’s Square, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, and the Roman Forum await.

From the moment you arrive in the 3000-year-old city of Athens, dive right into ancient history at the Acropolis Museum. The voyage begins with a stop in Nafplio—one of the most romantic cities in Greece. Climb 999 steps to the Palamidi Castle or visit the UNESCO site of Epidaurus, where people travel hundreds of miles to be healed. Iconic Mykonos is a charmer with whitewashed churches and thatch-roofed windmills and the mythical birthplace of Apollo is just a ferry ride away. A visit to Kusadasi, Turkey means a chance to see Ephesus—one of the greatest outdoor museums in the world. The wonders continue with the sacred isle of Patmos where St. John wrote the Book of Revelation. Breathe in the beauty of Santorini with spectacular cliffs rising from the deep azure sea and visit Bronze Age excavations at the UNESCO site of Akrotiri. Monemvasia boasts churches dating to the 12th century and Milos teases the palate with delicious fresh seafood and sparkling white sands sans crowds. Cruise the dramatic Corinth Canal, only accessible to other private yachts and Greek mail steamers. Visit the historic site of Delphi where the Oracles were read and Delphi Archaeological Museum featuring the country’s finest works of art. Explore the beautiful beaches of Fiskardo and step back into the Crusader days in the walled city of Valletta, Malta. Cruise on to Sicily’s charming village of Giardini Naxos nestled in one of the world’s most beautiful bays and take your pick of UNESCO World Heritage Sites from Sorrento, including the archaeological areas of Pompeii and Torre Annunziata, or the 4th century B.C. city of Herculaneum. Ponza provides a welcome respite to relax with locals in this laid back one street island town before arriving in the metropolis of Rome to visit the Vatican, St. Peter’s Square, the Trevi Fountain, the Roman Forum and a host of other ancient relics.

If excursion variety is your spice of life, this 21-day cruise of China, the Philippines, Brunei, Thailand and Malaysia perfectly fits your traveling lifestyle. Not long after leaving Hong Kong, you’ll arrive in the Hundred Islands, a pristine and protected Philippine national park offering some of the best diving, snorkeling and cruising opportunities in the northern Philippines. Tour the tombs, monuments and storied buildings of historic Old Manila. Dive or snorkel among coral-encrusted shipwrecks of the Japanese Imperial fleet from World War II near Coron in the Philippines. Gently float through large caverns on a subterranean river tour beneath Palawan. Look for napping crocodiles along Brunei mangrove shorelines as you navigate river rapids near Bandar Seri Begawan. Tour the largest Chinese Buddhist temple in Malaysia and wander the quiet splendor of hidden gardens in Penang. Sip and savor traditional Malay meals in Rumah Penghulu Abu Seman, one of the oldest surviving houses in Kuala Lumpur. This remarkable adventure concludes among Singapore’s impressive contemporary skyline, where you can test your luck at one of the most expensive casino properties in the world, or seek out keepsakes and souvenirs among the cobblestoned charms and delicious dining experiences on Burgis Street.

Barcelona to Lisbon - 15 Days

Whet your appetite for adventure over a plate of hot tapas and glasses of Garnacha red wine in the recesses of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. Venture into the rolling hills beyond the beaches of glamourous St. Tropez and wander the medieval village of Grimaud, the rustic feudal holdings of the famed Grimaldi family centuries before they seized nearby Monaco. Indulge in a long lunch at an uncrowded sidewalk café in Antibes or Nice, sampling French dishes of Charolaise beef tartare, duck confit and garden-fresh salad greens paired with blended table wines from the Côte du Rhone or bright rosés from Provence. Walk the red stones trod upon by ancient orators in the Roman Theatre of Cartagena. Ride horseback through pine forests and forgotten farmhouse ruins in the Mijas Mountains near Málaga. Soar in a gondola high above the beaches and terracotta tiled roofs to Gibraltar windswept summit. As the cruise ends among Lisbon’s fountains and yellow cable cars, seek out a neighborhood wine shop and raise a chilled glass of white Algarve wine or an aged local port to new friends and cherished memories.

Lisbon to Rome - 16 Days

Sip red wines and savor tapas, pastas, rich cheeses and aged hams throughout Portugal, Morocco, Spain, France and Italy. You’ll spend 15 memorable days exploring tiny rustic villages, historic fortified ports and contemporary architecture in Tangier, Ibiza, Barcelona, Palma, Mahon, Portoferraio, Rome and more. Kayak along the stunning coastline of Mallorca and bike from Portoferraio to Enfola, Elba in Italy.

Uncover the distinct and authentic culinary advantages of pairing specific olive oils with various Italian dishes under the guidance of the Maître d’hotel inside Portofino’s landmark Splendido Hotel. Roll the dice in a Monte Carlo casino or stroll along the narrow streets and tight corners on one of the most famous race courses on the Formula One circuit. Seek out the charming medieval village of Bormes Les Mimosas or the narrow cobbled streets of Old Town Antibes. Glide past walled gardens and centuries-old orange groves as you take a precipitous driving tour along the winding Golden Corniche through the French Riviera. Meander between the high columns and dust-covered scaffoldings of the Sagrada Família Cathedral in Barcelona, the largest unfinished Roman Catholic Church in the world. Or set out for tapas and riojas hours after sunset, when the aromas and din from lively bars and cafes intensify with the arrival of epicurean pleasure-seekers. There, among the ceaseless trilingual convergence of English, Spanish and Catalonian, you’ll find no better place to raise a glass to the satisfying indulgences on this Mediterranean adventure.

Oranjestad to St. Maarten - 14 Days

There is no better remedy for winter blues and early spring fever than this 14-day cruise throughout the Caribbean’s best southern ports and beaches. Ride horses in the Aruba surf. Sip cactus liqueur at a one-of-a-kind Bonaire distillery. Explore the Hato Caves on Curaçao, which were former 200,000-year-old coral reefs long before the island’s earliest human inhabitants transformed them into primitive homes. Dive among vibrant schools of fish off Grenada at Boss Reef or Purple Rain Reef, or take a SCUBA lesson in St. George’s warm waters. Sail off in a catamaran to a Tobago shopping getaway at the village of Scarborough. Golf 18 holes on the green fairways of Cap Estate near Castries, the only golf course on St. Lucia. Paddle a clear-bottom kayak on a guided tour through the scenic waters off Les Saintes in Guadeloupe. Throttle up on 4-wheel ATVs through cane fields and country dirt roads near St. Kitts. Swim with tame dolphins not far from Virgin Gorda. This remarkable Caribbean cruise concludes in Philipsburg, St. Maarten, where you can tour former America’s Cup sailboats, browse city art galleries and studios, or sit back at a cool café and sample spicy, smoky island creole cuisine like jambalaya, or pair a chilled fruity rum cocktail with warm memories of new friends.

Hong Kong to Tokyo - 22 Days

This 22-day cruise through Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China offers an ideal introduction to the best travel destinations throughout Asia. Admire the quiet symmetrical grace of Mount Fuji as you ride an aerial ropeway up a mountain to the Kunozan Toshogu Shrine near Shimizu, Japan. Explore the research center at the massive Sangumburi Crater in South Korea, a geologic wonder featuring four types of distinct and remarkable forest zones within the former volcano’s caldera. Inhale the aroma of freshly crushed hops inside the century-old Tsingtao Brewery in Qingdao, China, and then take in a futuristic, high-flying Chinese acrobatic show in the bright, modern metropolis of Shanghai, China.

Benoa to Bangkok - 37 Days

Snorkel in the Komodo National Park, one of the most richly diverse marine environments in the Coral Triangle, or take a tour of the park and seek out Komodo monitors, the largest living lizards on the planet. Sample succulent mangoes paired with a refreshing cocktail in Probolinggo, Java. Drift along the Singapore River as you learn about the colonial architecture and early history of this important port. Wander among feline figurines and distinctly different cat monuments in Kuching, Malaysia. Walk the grounds surrounding Brunei’s Istana Nurul Iman, a two-million-square-foot palace with more than 1,788 rooms, making it the largest inhabited residential palace in the world. Float Puerto Princesa’s Subterranean River National Park in the Philippines, an exceptional limestone cave system that was recently recognized by UNESCO as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. Your journey concludes in Bangkok, Thailand, where you can dine on traditional and familiar Thai foods or try new temptations like spicy-sweet Chinese sausages—or even dare to sample red ant eggs from street vendors.

Bangkok to Hong Kong - 25 Days

Savor fresh gourmet seafood and sweet tropical fruits among the rainforest canopy near Thailand’s Ko Kut. Roll along in a rickshaw past temples and busy Malacca markets. Seek out rare birds, butterflies, and animals in a Malaysian lowland rainforest in Langkawi. Delight in the mouth-watering cashew chicken or simply inhale the spicy aromas wafting from a crowded vendor stand in Phuket. Step aboard a local outrigger in Coron bound for the best snorkeling destinations in the Philippines. Your journey concludes among Hong Kong’s brightly illuminated shops and busy streets, among families and savvy travelers perusing unsurpassed bargains from around the world.

Venice to Rome - 18 Days

Discover the Adriatic, Ionian, Ligurian and Tyrrhenian seas during this 18-day cruise around the Italian peninsula as you explore ports in East Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, West Italy and France. Kayak along Dubrovnik’s old city walls, swim or snorkel in Kotor Bay in Montenegro and make your own Sicilian-style pizza on Lipari Island. Explore the ruins of Pompeii as you gaze skyward toward the summit of Mount Vesuvius, and savor tangy mulberry gelato in the shade of the Roman walls that still protect the 3rd  century village of Taormina near Messina.

Bangkok to Singapore - 26 Days

Set sail on a journey of memorable contrasts as you discover ancient traditions, sample elegant cuisines and explore breathtaking UNESCO settings in Malaysia, Brunei, China, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines. Indulge in diverse excursions that combine urban adventures with breathtaking natural scenery, including the fragrance of hundreds of rare orchids in Malaysia’s Kinabalu Park and the echoes of Puerto Princesa Subterranean River in Palawan. This cruise is an ideal choice for those seeking cultural immersion at places far removed from the familiar.

Indulge your senses in a 13-day island-hopping cruise that contrasts modern Mediterranean refinements with classical Greek and Roman architecture. After Barcelona’s vibrant artistry slips beyond the horizon, you’ll soon find yourself dining and dancing into Mallorca’s thriving nightlife, or venturing inland along scenic, undulating roads that host world-class training programs for Europe’s best professional cyclists. Sample local wines handcrafted from Malvasia grapes inside the rugged stone walls of Sardinia’s medieval port of Alghero. Relax on sandy beaches and explore the rural and relatively untouched surroundings outside Porto-Vecchio in southern Corsica. Imagine standing in Napoleon’s polished boots, pacing among rows of gnarled vineyard rootstock, contemplating your 300-day exile and plotting your escape from the island of Elba. Then sip tart limoncello with the locals in Ponza, a diminutive island that remains relatively unknown to anyone but the savviest Italian vacationers. Don’t forget to indulge in the honey-glazed decadence of pignolata and the countless lemony-chocolatey confections in Sicily’s sunny Messina before your odyssey concludes among the ancient ruins of Greece, the cradle of Western Civilization.

Singapore to Beijing (Tianjin) - 25 Days

Stroll shoulder-to-shoulder with international high-rollers among the sparkle and glamour of Singapore’s exclusive Marina Bay Sands Casino. Weave through the colorful clutter of Malaysian wares and trinkets in Kuching’s thriving Main Bazaar. Learn about ethnic Borneo traditions as you sample local warm-weather remedies and discover time-honored baking techniques. Snorkel Kayangan Lake, one of the purest lakes in the Philippines. Explore the unique tomb houses and ornate temples throughout Manila’s Chinese Cemetery. Swim, dive, or kayak on one of three developed islands in the Hundred Islands of the Philippines. Rocket skyward in the fastest elevator in the world before taking in the breathtaking perspectives from the observation deck of Taipei 101, the tallest skyscraper in Southeast Asia. Spend an evening ashore among the busy and thriving Shanghai restaurants dining on savory seafood and spicy noodles. This exceptional journey concludes in Beijing, not far from the storied gates of China’s Forbidden City, where you can visit historic temples, seek out sweeping city vistas and wander countless shops for unique gifts and memorable keepsakes.

Papeete to Papeete - 17 Days

Ideal for anyone who can’t get enough of Tahiti, this unique cruise features twice the visits to ports, so you have double the opportunities to see and experience what you love, and you can do all the things you passed up during your previous stop. It’s a top tropical pick among romantic couples, active divers and anyone in love with everything under the sun among countless blue Pacific lagoons. Dive or snorkel among vibrant and dizzying schools of tropical fish and friendly dolphins in the massive lagoon of Rangiroa, the second largest coral atoll in the world. Visit and learn about oyster pearl farming at the Anapa Pearl Farm on the west coast of Tahaa near Raiatea. Skim the turquoise Pacific waters off the coast of Bora Bora on a WaveRunner personal water craft as your guide leads you on a tour that circumnavigates the entire island, giving you expansive views of the steep jungle slopes of Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu from all sides. Whether this is your first visit or the continuation of a lifelong obsession with this idyllic tropical archipelago, this Tahitian cruise offers double the fun, relaxation and romance.

Hong Kong to Singapore - 23 Days

Stroll among the hidden spaces, narrow passages and lush greenery along the right bank of Hanoi’s Red River. Explore the ethnic contrasts of Vietnam’s 54-recorded ethnic groups at the Museum of Ethnology, or chew on stimulating red beetle nuts among the diminutive lanes and crowded streets of the Thuy Nguyen District. Then spend an evening slurping sweet soups and shopping among clothing, accessories and ceramics in the Old Quarter’s Hanoi Night Market. Examine intricate hand embroidery and centuries-old designs with unique detailing often compared to photographs in Nha Trang. Wander the scenic grounds of the Jade Emperor Pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City, or seek new, contemporary perspectives from the 360-degree deck of Sky Deck in the tallest building in the city. Watch local rubber tappers work in a small rubber tree plantation outside Malacca, then explore charming Dutch-period brick buildings near the center of the city. Venture to the center of Langkawi and take a guided tour of a lowland rainforest that serves as a habitat for butterflies, plants and animals unique to this area of the world. This remarkable journey concludes among the vibrant city streets of Singapore, where you can shop among crowded vendor stalls or take a harbor cruise for a better view of the skyline and the triple-towered Marina Bay Sands, one of the most expensive and exclusive casinos in the world.

Sensory splendors abound among art, architecture and cultures throughout this region from Portugal to Morocco, Spain, Corsica and Italy.Steaming fresh spearmint Maghrebi tea fills your mouth as the din of the Kasbah’s hawkers and shoppers swirls and sweeps past you like tendrils of honey-laced tobacco smoke from bubbling Shisha pipes. Gaze skyward at intricate, stone-carved arabesque detailing across the imposing walls of Grenada’s Alhambra Palace. Trace your fingers across the smooth rock surfaces of stone circles hewn by Bronze Age artisans and rounded by centuries of weather in Southern Corsica’s Porto-Vecchio. Whether you’re traveling with family or making new friends, discoveries abound in both small ports and among familiar UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Indulge in red or white wines pressed from distinctive ansonica, vermentino and aleatico grapes and aged among Elba’s oldest stone cellars. Your journey concludes among Rome’s architectural contrasts, where you can shop for high fashion among alluring boutiques and refreshing fountains in the Piazza di Spagna, or lose yourself in reflection among the brooding limestone ruins that once defined the ancient world’s epicenter.

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