Hidden Harbors. Private Beaches.
Island-Hopping in Windstar Style.

Candy-colored cocktails sipped in seaside watering holes. Carefree days followed by calypso-flavored nights. These are the siren songs that lure anyone with a yacht and a yearning to escape to the incomparable Caribbean Islands. Whether you’re cruising through turquoise waters or lazing on powdery white beaches, the glamorous harbors and unknown coves of this area remain a hidden treasure.

Authentic Caribbean
Let Your Soul Dance
SHH. THERE ARE STILL SECRET PLACES HERE that the big ships pass by. Places where there’s only one beach bar in sight, closed if the proprietor decides to go spear fishing. Your Windstar yacht has an uncanny ability to find places like this. Places where your day’s activities are timed by the rumble of your stomach, the drowsiness following a good swim, an iridescent sunset that heralds “sailor’s delight” on the morrow. But then, one glance at your itinerary already told you that.
Featured Port: Road Bay/Anguilla
With its protected shoreline, calm surf, spectacular coral reefs and sugar-soft beaches, Road Bay has become a destination for boaters, with its delightful restaurants, bars, and shops. Anguilla has some of the most beautiful sunsets and delicious rum punch to be found in the Caribbean. It is also home to Cuban tree frogs, red-footed tortoise, green iguanas and five species of bats. Worth checking out is Wallblake House, a heritage plantation house and museum said to be the oldest building on the island and located nearby.
Shore Excursion Must-Do: Cooking Caribbean Flavors & Lifestyles (Roseau, Dominica)
Today is your opportunity to learn about Dominican cuisine, traditions, and lifestyles at a private home nestled in Roseau’s tropical rainforest. Your hostess will introduce you to the herbs and fresh ingredients on the day’s menu. Then, you can either choose to help prepare a local delicacy, spend your time viewing the mountains or the Caribbean Sea, or stroll the property learning about fruits and spices. End the day by feasting on traditional Caribbean dishes and fruit cocktail blends.
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Choose from 24 unique Caribbean itineraries ranging from Puerto Rico to Antigua, Cartagena to Barbados. Or, see it all on our 35-day Grand Caribbean & Panamanian Adventure itinerary
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Enjoy Windstar’s Signature Beach Party and a Signature Onboard Barbecue on every itinerary - events that are a highlight for our guests. Kayak, paddleboard or enjoy other water toys directly off the complimentary Watersports Platform located at the back of the yacht and your own set of personalized snorkel gear to use throughout your cruise.
Yachtsman's Secret
Visit ports reserved for small ships and private yachts like Mayreau, Bequia, Jost Van Dyke, and Virgin Gorda