COVID-19 Vaccine Required

At the cruise terminal prior to embarkation, guests will be required to provide proof of a completed current vaccine course (one or two shots, depending on the brand) finished at least 14 days prior to the guest's embarkation date.

Beyond Ordinary Care

Here at Windstar Cruises, the health and safety of everyone on board in a top priority. We are connected to health industry experts and following regulatory requirements in every area of the world we sail. Our team is implementing additional technologies that go beyond these requirements as part of our new Beyond Ordinary Care program.

The Beyond Ordinary Care program is a multi-layered strategy with key hospital-grade elements: HEPA filters and UV-C ultraviolet germicidal irradiation to filter and disinfect the air, plus electrostatic sprayers to sanitize all surfaces throughout the yacht.

We are making a multi-million dollar investment in our fleet in an effort to provide a healthy environment while sailing on a Windstar yacht. Hospital grade high-efficiency particulate (HEPA) filters along with a UV-C air zapping process (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) are being installed on board all Windstar yachts.

Our Beyond Ordinary Care program was developed with consultation and review by the Senior Medical Director in the UC Health Infection Control and Prevention Department at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and implements a rigorous multi-layered approach of science-led best practices aimed at keeping everyone aboard healthy.

Latest Updates

UPDATED January 3rd, 2022

If you test positive for COVID-19 at embarkation or during your cruise, you may be medically disembarked for evaluation and possible quarantine at a government facility, hospital or hotel before being allowed to travel home. Depending on the country where you are medically disembarked, the government-run accommodations may be very basic COVID-19 facilities. Windstar abides by the COVID-19 policies for each country, which may differ from current US policies, and which continue to evolve.

In today’s travel environment a number of countries are requiring Covid testing as a condition of entry. As a convenience for our guests, Windstar Cruises has arranged Covid testing facilities onboard our yachts.

All guests will receive a free COVID-19 antigen test at the pier prior to embarkation and a negative result is needed to embark.

To ease travel back home at the end of the cruise, guests may also optionally purchase antigen ($69) or PCR tests ($135) in advance or on board to take prior to departure from the yacht to comply with CDC policies currently requiring negative tests prior to flying into the U.S.

On some cruises additional COVID tests may be needed in select ports of call during the cruise to meet local regulatory requirements. PCR tests must be administered by an accredited facility. Home test kits will not be accepted.

Beginning January 1, 2022 Windstar will provide these tests for our guests’ convenience, and this cost will be added to each guest’s shipboard account, $69 per antigen test and $135 per PCR test. In order to provide peace of mind to our guests, the maximum charge per guest will be $249 per person, per sailing (or $199 per person, per segment on Collectors and back to back sailings) to comply with these local testing requirements even if the number of tests required exceeds this pricing.

For all cruises, we highly recommend guests arrive at the yacht with a negative COVID-19 PCR test preferably 24 hours before departure from home or no more than three days before embarkation. Policies are evolving around the world and many more countries are requiring PCR tests to visit and explore ashore. For your peace of mind and the health and safety of all, please obtain a PCR test through an accredited lab and bring documentation with you. In addition, please check testing requirements for your destination before you depart from home.

We also highly recommend you receive your booster for extra protection if you are eligible at least one week before you depart from home.

Given the incubation period for Omicron, we will administer a complimentary Antigen test on day 3 of your cruise. Should you test positive, you will be quarantined on the yacht, and we will then engage with local port health authorities on next steps.

We now require all guests to wear surgical quality masks on board and when travelling to the yacht.

We will make every effort to have meals, activities and entertainment outside on deck. FOR BREEZE AND LEGEND ONLY - The Cuadro 44 menu will be offered every other night on Deck 8 at the Star Grill.

We aim to execute the itinerary as scheduled but are subject to ever-changing requirements, which may or may not allow us to call at all scheduled ports.

A Message On Health & Safety from our President, Christopher Prelog

“We’ve worked hard to make our reimagined Windstar experience a safer, healthy and comfortable experience to provide some much needed peace of mind. We can’t wait to see you on board.”

~ Christopher Prelog, President