Caribbean Irma Updates

Caribbean Updates

Caribbean Hurricane Updates – 12/12/2017

The Windstar family is deeply saddened by the damage from the recent hurricanes that hit parts of the Caribbean. Our thoughts and prayers remain with those in the region, including our many friends and colleagues whose lives and families were affected by these storms. The Caribbean continues to rebuild with more ports of call opening every day and we are proud to continue to support tourism in this region. Our Caribbean season is well underway, including new ports of call to Martinique and Guadeloupe. All Caribbean itineraries feature all of the wonder and quality guests know and have come to expect from Windstar, including our Signature Beach Party.
Steadily and deliberately, businesses are starting to open again. San Juan, Puerto Rico, one of our primary turn ports, has declared that it is “officially open for tourism” with more than 100 hotels, 4,000 restaurants, and all major tourism attractions ready to receive guests. Its airports are fully operational and more than 80,000 homeport passengers have already embarked from San Juan over the last two months, including our very own VP of Sales, Steve Simao, along with a group of travel agents.

Sailing on Windstar’s first voyage of the season in the Caribbean, Steve noted “Did I see a city and an island in recovery? Yes.  But I didn't see devastation.  I saw non-operating traffic lights but I also saw friendly policemen directing traffic through busy intersections.  I saw electric trucks speedily installing new electrical power poles and electric wires and I saw a lot of operating generators.  But I also saw stores and restaurants open for business being powered by those same generators.   Mostly what I saw was life.  I saw local people happy to see me there.  I saw storekeepers hoping for the quick return of customers so that they could rebuild.  I heard the laughter of people enjoying a good drink and having delicious meals in a local restaurant.”  Read more about his trip on our blog.

The Caribbean remains a vibrant and attractive tourist destination and much of this beautiful region was largely undamaged by the storms. We look forward to supporting the island nations and communities of the Caribbean with a robust tourism season.

For updates on the Caribbean region, visit for the latest information. Cruise guests and travel agents with questions may contact Windstar’s Vacation Planning Department at 888-338-1439 or

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