COVID-19 Vaccine Required
At the cruise terminal prior to embarkation, guests will be required to provide proof of an initial completed vaccine course (one or two shots, depending on the brand) finished at least 14 days prior to the guest's embarkation date. For some countries in Europe and Tahiti, your last COVID-19 vaccination shot is required to be within a specified time period, usually within the last 270 days. Please check all countries you will be visiting on your cruise to be sure you meet the vaccine and booster requirements.

Mask policies continue to evolve. Windstar follows policies in place in each destination. Currently, masks are optional in all sailing areas but on occasion guests may be asked to wear masks in Greece and Alaska. Windstar highly recommends guests wear masks in indoor public spaces.

COVID-19 Testing
Guests are responsible for complying with any COVID-19 test requirement or standard imposed by any country visited during travel. Check the CIBT Entry Guide.

For sailings departing July 1, 2022 and beyond Windstar requires guests to arrive at the pier with a negative COVID-19 test result in hand. Windstar will accept antigen tests taken within two days of boarding or PCR tests within three days of boarding. This replaces previous testing at the pier. Home test kits (including telemedicine) are NOT accepted.

Beyond Ordinary Care

Here at Windstar Cruises, the health and safety of everyone on board is a top priority.

The Beyond Ordinary Care program is a multi-layered strategy with key hospital-grade elements: HEPA filters and UV-C ultraviolet germicidal irradiation to filter and disinfect the air, plus electrostatic sprayers to sanitize all surfaces throughout the yacht.

We have made a multi-million dollar investment in our fleet in an effort to provide a healthy environment while sailing on a Windstar yacht. Hospital grade high-efficiency particulate (HEPA) filters along with a UV-C air zapping process (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) have been installed on board all Windstar yachts.

Our Beyond Ordinary Care program was developed with consultation and review by the Senior Medical Director in the UC Health Infection Control and Prevention Department at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and implements a rigorous multi-layered approach of science-led best practices aimed at keeping everyone aboard healthy.