Arabia Cruises

Experience Arabia in Private Yacht Style.

The pharaohs themselves would envy your luxurious passage along ancient spice routes and the many treasures of Arabia and India. Discover the lost city of Petra, its rose-colored fa├žade carved right into the cliff face, and Luxor’s Valley of the Kings – noted as the world’s largest open-air museum. Explore Mumbai’s sacred temples and colorful bazaars and the magnificent UNESCO sites found in Sri Lanka and Malacca. Indulge in the vibrant cultures and modern opulence of Dubai and Singapore.

Athens to Dubai - 18 Days

This exceptional voyage takes you into the heart of the world’s most important ancient civilizations. Transit the Suez Canal, visit the rock-carved, rose-colored city of Petra, see the site of Moses’ burning bush at St. Catherine Monastery combined with the extraordinary treasures of Luxor on a truly exceptional voyage of legendary destinations in exotic lands.

Dubai to Singapore - 16 Days

In 16 memorable days you’ll discover a voyage of contrasts – the contemporary urban centers of Dubai and Singapore the Indian cultural experiences in Mangalore and Cochin, the stunning beaches of Phuket, and UNESCO sites found in Sri Lanka, Malacca and Mumbai. You’ll cruise through breathtaking islands and waterways like the Arabian Sea and the Straits of Malacca. Delve into traditional ways of life, from cooking with curry and cumin to shopping at Mumbai’s “Thieves Market.” Above all, let go.

Athens to Singapore - 34 Days

The call to Arabia beckons like the call to prayer from distant minarets, reverberating through winding passages and across flagstones laid down centuries before the discovery of the New World. Embark from Athens, the cradle of Western Civilization, on an odyssey of contrasts and retrace some of the oldest known sea routes in the world as you experience the cuisine, culture and landmarks of Egypt, Jordan, Oman, UAE, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia.

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